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Omni releases ‘VentX’ – Ventilated 
Reinforced Stretch Wrap

Omni has developed ‘VentX’ Ventilated Stretch Wrap. This is the perfect solution for wrapping products that are likely to get damaged by ripening gases, humidity, rust, mould or condensation, as well as products that need to chill or freeze quickly. VentX stretch wrap is a reinforced ventilated film. This means it has vent holes to allow air to circulate while the reinforcements in the film eliminate breakages and improve load containment.

This recent product release is exciting news in the industry. ‘What’s New in Food Manufacturing’ has published an article about this revolutionizing new product.

VentX' Ventilated Stretch Wrap

What are the uses of ventilated stretch wrap?

Ventilated Stretch Wrap or Air Flow Wrap is ideal for containing pallet loads of products that are likely to get damaged by ripening gases, humidity and mould. They are recommended for securing pallet loads of fresh or cold farm produce during transportation and storage. Omni VentX pallet wrap is also suitable for products that need to chill or freeze quickly, as they allow cold air to flow in freely. Wrapping of hot fill product loads with a vented stretch film allows hot gases and steam to escape, preventing rust and condensation. VentX ‘breathable’ Stretch Wrap reduces the cooling time for hot-fill foods.
 VentX pallet wrap

8 Advantages of using Ventilated Stretch Wrap

1. Prevent fresh produce damage with breathable wrap

When you have to wrap pallet loads of fresh produce, stretch wraps with vent holes work best because they allow the outflow of ripening gases, humidity and mould. VentX ventilated pallet wrap increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by allowing them to “breathe” during storage and transit.

2. Reduce freezing time with load ventilation

Conventional stretch wrap acts as an insulation around the load, thereby increasing the cooling time. An air-flow stretch wrap, however, is the ideal choice for such applications as it allows cool air to pass freely through the holes. Therefore, vented wraps help reduce electricity costs since the freezing times are lowered.

Click HERE to view ‘Australian Food Cold Chain Logistics’ Guidelines on food storage temperatures. Frozen foods should never for storage at temperatures over -18 degrees C.

3. Avoid damaged hot loads with load ventilation

The VentX stretch wrap with vent holes is an ideal choice for packaging pallet loads of hot fill products. It allows heat and moisture to escape, thereby preventing rust and condensation. The breathable stretch wrap also reduces the cooling time for such products as compared to conventional wraps that act as insulation for the food.

4. Eliminate stretch film breakages & downtime

The VentX air-flow stretch wrap is tear-resistant, eliminating all breakages during stretching. It helps reduce your pallet wrapping downtime and improves the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

5. Maximises stretch film usage

The VentX pallet wrap 1300mm roll can be stretched to 3900mm in length. That means you get 300% stretch yield from a ventilated stretch film as well as substantial savings on pallet wrapping costs.

6. Reduces pallet load damage

Over 50% of pallet load damage takes place due to ineffective pallet wrapping. A pallet wrapping with vent holes ensures that your pallet loads are secure. That’s because the VentX perforated wrap provides significantly higher load containment force than a conventional film.

 7. Reduce stretch film usage 

The VentX ventilated pallet wrap is guaranteed to use 50% less film than a conventional wrap. This reinforced film with ultra-thin gauge requires less wrapping rotations while significantly higher holding force.

 8. Saves the environment

Reduce your stretch film usage reduces the environmental impact. As well as saving the environment, you will also reduce plastic disposal costs.

How to apply ventilated stretch wrap?

Omni’s Ventilated Stretch Wrap is available in hand and machine rolls. Applying VentX stretch wrap by hand is made easy with a stretch wrap dispenser. Being light weight rolls, this vented wrap doesn’t cause strain on your back like convention heavy weight rolls.

A stretch wrapping machine is recommended when you need to wrap more than 20 pallet loads per day, as it can help reduce film wastage and also improve the worker’s efficiency. If you need to handle over 100 pallet loads per day, you need a semi-automatic machine that features a turntable wrapper where the load can be placed and wrapped by the film, which moves vertically. Other types of mechanical wrappers are rotary arm wrappers and orbital wrappers. Large factories or warehouses that typically handle over 1000 loads per day need automatic wrappers. They come with conveyor belts and film feed machines that wrap, cut and seal the film around the pallets.

Omni VentX – Ventilated Stretch Wrap: Product Range

Omni VentX – Ventilated Machine Pallet Wrap
Code: 56.095
Dimension: 400mm x 1450m

Omni VentX – Ventilated Machine Pallet Wrap
Type: For power pre-stretch
Code: 56.096
Dimension: 400mm x 1260m

Click HERE to view Machine Ventilated Stretch Wrap

Omni VentX – Ventilated Hand Pallet Wrap
Code: 55.095
Dimension: 400mm x 500m

Click HERE to view Hand Ventilated Stretch Wrap

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