Coloured Packaging Tape

Omni offers coloured packaging tape made of two different materials—PVC and polypropylene. Both types of packing tape come with strong adhesion and can be used for high-volume packaging of items. Omni Polypropylene Packaging Tape are economical and can be used for sealing cartons, bundling and coding. The tapes are available in six different colours—black, white, yellow, red, green and blue. This gives you the option of categorising your goods and taping them as per your requirement.

Coloured Packaging tape is highly useful in offices and shop floors since it offers a great way to identify your boxes which is not otherwise possible with the usual brown and clear tape. Firms can opt to use a specific colour for packaging their loads. This makes it easier to identify goods that are a part of larger consignments. The packaging tape can also be used to colour-code items based on factors like fragility, material and treatment. The tape is available in various sizes and can also be custom-sized for specific requirements of our consumers.

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