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Two Way Filament Tape

Two Way Filament Tape is a highly durable tape used for packaging and securing bulky loads. The tape has fibreglass reinforcement woven into it, making it strong and suitable for this purpose. The tape can withstand intense pressure during shipment of goods without splitting or tearing. The fibre also prevents the tape from elongating, which helps in giving maximum support to the goods and safeguards delicate products from snapping and breaking.

There are two types of Filament Tapes are available; One Way Filament Tape and Two-Way Filament Tape. While both are strong and high-tensile, they are different when it comes to manufacturing. One way filament tape has fiber glass reinforced in one direction, and is used for packaging and securing items that are comparatively light in weight. In case of two way filament tape, fibre is reinforced in both directions making it extra strong and ideal for stacking and packing items that are quite heavy. One of the biggest advantages of filament tape is that it cannot be torn manually, thus reducing chances of breakage during transit. For effective application of the tape, it is best to use a filament tape dispenser. The tool dispenses the tape and pulls it back when required, making the entire process of packaging easy and hassle-free.

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