Joining Duct Tape

Premium Joining Duct Tape – Used by plumbers, builders, air conditioners and concreters

Omni’s Premium Joining Duct Tape is a pressure-sensitive tape used for sealing and joining duct work. Duct tape used widely in the plumbing and conditioning industry for this purpose. Joining duct tape is also used by builders and concreters to join plastic sheeting prior to concrete pour.

The heavy duty rubber solvent adhesive used in this tape makes it strong and very effective for joining and sealing tasks. One of the best features about the tape is that though it comes with strong adhesives, it can be removed easily without leaving any sticky residue behind or damaging the surface. This joining tape is highly durable and its flexibility makes it one of the most widely used duct tape.

Joining Duct Tape has high resistance to weathering and is therefore perfect for outdoor applications. Made with PVC material, the tape is easy-to-use and works on both cold and warm duct systems of either low or high air velocity. The aggressive property of the adhesive used on these tapes makes them a popular choice for holding and sealing items with a wide range of surfaces from plastic and ceramic to wood and glass.

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