Masking Tape

Omni 630 – Premium High Temperature Masking Tape 

Omni 630 Masking Tape is a premium quality high temperature masking tape which is perfectly suitable for automotive and industrial applications. This is a high temperature resistant masking tape which has been specifically designed to withstand temperature up to 100 degree Celsius for around 30 minutes. The tape comes with premium rubber solvent adhesive which is aggressive and heat resistant, which makes it ideal for dynamic usage. Usually used for car repairing and refinishing, this Italian tape is residue-free and is compatible with paints and water-based varnishes.

Engineered to perfection, this masking tape is perfect for commercial and household application. Custom slit to width is available.

Premium Italian Made High Temperature Masking Tape – Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

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