Barrier Tape

Barrier tape is designed for usage in dangerous and hazardous workplaces. What makes it different from other tapes are the cautionary messages it carries to warn people of danger or to keep away from a certain area. Also known as ‘Warning’, ‘Hazard’, ‘Caution’, ‘Danger’ and ‘Safety’ tape, it is mainly used in unsafe areas such as under-construction buildings, roads, and accident prone sites. The tape is used by the police force as well during crime investigation, accident, or while handling sensitive situations. It is highly useful since it allows you to easily communicate a message without having to be there physically to deliver it.

The Omni Barrier Tape is available in multiple colours for customers to choose from. Our red and white coloured tapes can be used to warn people about equipment and fire; the blue and white tapes can be used to signify defective machinery; and the black and yellow tapes are ideal to indicate physical hazard. People can also purchase pre-printed tapes with messages like ‘Danger’and ‘Danger, Keep Out’. If you want some other message inscribed on the tape, the custom print option is also available. The tapes are available in various sizes, catering to every requirement of our customers.

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Barrier Tape

Omni Barrier Tape is a well renowned brands in the building and construction industry. Available in a multiple of colours and prints for different situations.

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