5 Advantages of Wrapping your Pallets in Coloured Stretch Wrap

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Coloured Pallet Stretch Wrap – Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Black, White


The most common types of stretch wrap available are either clear or black. Many aren’t aware of the variety of coloured stretch wrap we offer and the purposes and advantages of each. The range of coloured stretch wrap we offer are yellow, blue, green, red, black, white. The Omni Coloured Stretch Wrap range is referred to as the ‘Perfect Pallet Identification Solution’


1. Pallet Identification –
Make your pallet loads easy to categorise with Coloured Pallet Stretch Wrap

Our Coloured Stretch Wrap provides limitless opportunities being the answer to distinguishing palletised products. Pallet loads are usually identified by a label on the pallet. To more obviously determine the load products, it can be wrapped in a different colour stretch wrap. Another option to use coloured stretch wrap to its advantage is to wrap the pallet loads in different colours to identify shipping locations or states. This is a Perfect Solution for the transport and distribution industry.


2. Product Isolation –
You’ll pallet loads will never be mix up with Coloured Pallet Stretch Wrap

Coloured Stretch Wrap makes it clear and simple to separate and identify pallet loads. This can be used to isolate products for QA, returns etc. to ensure these products doesn’t get mixed with other pallet loads.


3. Brand/Company Recognition –
Make your pallet loads stand out – Stretch Wrap your pallets in your corporate colour

Stand out and promote your company with your pallets wrapped in your corporate colour. We have a variety of colours in stock and custom colours available in hand and machine rolls.
Colours of stretch wrap available – Blue, yellow, green red, white, black


4. Maximise your Pallet Load Security with Black Pallet Stretch Wrap –
Are you wrapping high value products that you would prefer to non be visible during transportation? 

Available in hand and machine rolls, our Black Pallet Stretch Wrap is totally opaque to ensure that the items on the pallet load aren’t disclosed. Our White Stretch Wrap is also opaque and is used for security purposes as well. Our Black Stretch Wrap is available in ‘blown’ type film.


5. Reduce Heat Damage with White Pallet Stretch Wrap –
Are you wrapping temperature sensitive products? 

Our White Stretch Wrap is the perfect solution for wrapping heat sensitive products as white doesn’t attract the heat. This film is commonly used to wrap palletise products like chocolate. Being opaque, white stretch wrap also has the privacy advantage as well. This Stretch Wrap is available in hand and machine rolls and in a ‘blown’ type film

We offer Australia’s largest range Coloured Pallet Stretch Wrap – Yellow Stretch Wrap, Blue Stretch Wrap, Green Stretch Wrap, Red Stretch Wrap, Black Stretch Wrap, White Stretch Wrap

Do you want 'The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution'?