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The Perfect Air Pillow & Air Bubble Void Fill Solution

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Reduce product damage & productivity with Omni’s Airfil Inflator Machines, Air Pillows & Air Bubble Void Fill!

The Omni Airfil inflatable system is the Perfect Void Fill Solution; reducing shipping costs and increasing customer satisfaction. The Air Pillow & Air Bubble film are a no-mess alternative to loose fill, holding goods securely in place without the ‘shift’ that often occurs with other types of void fill. The material is environmentally friendly being 100% recyclable (curbside & reusable).

Omni offers the Airfil Hybrid Inflator machine for entry-level void fill applications and the express Airfil Hi-speed Inflator machine for industrial, on-demand packaging operating at 28m/ min.

4 Reasons why you would use the Airfil inflatable system

On demand packaging: fast productivity with minimal downtime.

Dynamic patent sealing technology: uniform cushioning, puncture-resistant, no air or seal leakages.

100% recyclable HDPE: Air Pillow & Air Bubble film is curbside & reusable.

Economical & cost-effective: film material is light weight & inflated by air meaning less material is required to fill the void, hence reducing shipping costs.

Machinery provided FREE on Loan*. T&C’s apply.

Custom Inline Air Pillow Void Fill Solutions

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