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Save Labour Costs with Automated Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Are you relying on manual labour to stretch wrap your pallets?

A large portion of business expenses is on labour costs. The labour required to do the time-consuming task of hand wrapping pallets can be automated with a pallet wrapping machine, saving thousands of dollars per year on labour costs.

Automating these tedious tasks frees up valuable time, allowing staff to concentrate on more important jobs. To further increase efficiency, there is a range of extra machine features available, which help to increase the level of automation for allowing maximum productivity.

How much does inefficient pallet wrapping cost your business?

Buying a machine might seem like a luxury purchase, a want rather than a need. Have you ever calculated the labour costs of manually wrapping pallets?

An Omni Pallet Wrapper will pay for itself through savings in wrapping time and stretch film reduction.

Omni Pallet Wrapper

Automated Pallet Wrapping Machine Features to Increase Efficiency

  • Built-in scales in the turntable allow you to weigh the pallet while wrapping, to avoid double handling
  • Remote control to adjust pallet machine settings while the worker is on forklift
  • Automatic film cutter at the end of wrapping cycle, to remove ‘tails’
  • Automatic ‘film catcher’ at the end of each cycle, so that the next cycle can begin without attaching the film to the load
  • Power pre-stretching rolls provide maximum yield from the film, stretching it to over 400%

Control-panel Remote-control

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Halve Stretch Wrap Usage with a Omni Pallet Wrapping Machine

When hand wrapping a pallet, very little stretch yield is achieved. However, with an Omni pallet wrapper, stretch film can be stretched to over 400%!  This is because a wrapper can mechanically stretch the film to its maximum without causing it to break.

By increasing the yield of stretch wrap, you can reduce film usage by over 50%. Reducing your stretch film wastage reduces environmental impact. This also saves you money on plastic disposal costs. All these savings accumulate, making an automated pallet wrapping machine pay for its self in a short period on time.

Prestretch Diagram REVERSE

Prevent Load Damage

Wrapping pallets by hand may seem like an easy alternative to buying a pallet wrapping machine to automate this task. The fact is, it’s impossible to produce the same results as a machine. The load containment of the pallet will too often be compromised. Here are some reasons:

  • Inconsistent containment force – It’s easier for people to wrap tightly in the middle of a load than the top and the bottom, leaving weak points.
  • A poor load to pallet bond – It’s difficult for people to reach the bottom of the load and catch the pallet, and the film always seems to tear anyway. Without a proper load to pallet bond, you risk of the load sliding off its pallet during transit.

Reduce OH&S Risk with a Pallet Wrapping Machine

Have you ever thought about how long it takes to manually wrap pallets? It is not just the unnecessary labour costs but more importantly, it is the high risk of back injury which can cost you thousands of dollars in workplace injury claims.

Wrapping pallets by hand results in poor postures and repetitive bending movements which can cause your staff to have musculoskeletal injuries. Worksafe Australia highly recommends wrapping pallets with a machine to reduce these risks, because injury claims can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to companies each year.

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Pallet Wrapping Machines – Product Range

  • Base – Semi Automatic Machine
  • Cresco – Semi Automatic Machine
  • Evolvo – Automated Pallet Wrapping Machine with Rotating Arm
  • Extrema – Fully Automated Pallet Wrapping Machine for High Volume Applications
  • Motus – Pallet Truck Style Mobile Pallet Wrapper with Rotary Arm
  • Plana – Low Turntable with 270 degree access
  • Superplus – Automated Pallet Machine with film attached and cut off feature
  • Vertex – Fully Automatic Machine with Rotating Arm for Heavy Applications
  • Viverra – Compact and Mobile Pallet Wrapper that moves around the pallet
  • Tiro – Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

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