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Ventilated Stretch Wrap: The Most Overlooked Solution to Reduce Warehouse Electricity Costs

Do you operate a temperature controlled warehouse? Ventilated Stretch Wrap is the solution

Electricity costs are continuing to rise. This increase in operating expenses is putting pressure on businesses. Many companies are doing everything they can to minimise this increase by switching to solar electricity and LED lighting. If you operate a temperature controlled factory, we have the solution to reduce your refrigerating costs. This is the ‘Omni VentX’ Ventilated Reinforced Stretch Wrap

Ventilated Reinforced Stretch Wrap

How can ventilated stretch wrap reduce electricity costs for cool rooms?

A breathable stretch wrap with vent holes is an overlooked method to reduce cool room electricity costs. The breathable stretch wrap helps in keeping the load ventilated, allowing cool air to flow into the pallet easily. Freezing time is reduced because the contents get cooled quicker and more evenly. It’s a great substitute for a conventional stretch wrap that acts as an insulation for the load, thereby increasing the time required for its cooling.

What is the temperature of your cool room?

Typically, cool room operators will keep the temperature lower than required so that the pallets which are wrapped with conventional film can be cooled adequately. A lower-than-required temperature becomes an unwanted necessity for cooling the centre of the pallet load to the required degree. This results in higher electricity costs. However, with a breathable stretch wrap, the free-flowing cold air can circulate more easily, cooling the center of the pallet load with lesser effort. This means that the freezer temperature isn’t required to be kept as low and can be maintained at energy-optimum levels. This switch to an airflow wrap will guarantee you substantial electricity cost savings.

What are some other uses of Breathable Stretch Wrap?

Breathable stretch wrap is not just used for wrapping pallet loads that are to be refrigerated or frozen. The Omni VentX Stretch Wrap is the perfect solution for wrapping loads of fresh produce that may get damaged by ripening gases, humidity, mould or condensation. Vented stretch wrap is used to prolong the shelf life of fresh produce by allowing it to breathe while in storage and transit.

Breathable Stretch Wrap

Can you eliminate film breakages with ventilated stretch wrap?

Absolutely! Omni VentX Stretch Wrap is a reinforced ventilated film. The ‘reinforcement strips’ that run through the film make it tear-resistant.  This eliminates the chance of film breakages while wrapping the pallet loads. When there are no stretch film breakages, the pallet wrapping downtime gets reduced and your warehouse efficiency increases, resulting in substantial savings in operating costs.

Does ventilated stretch wrap properly secure the load? 

The load containment of VentX is significantly higher than that of a conventional film. This is due to the ‘reinforcement strips’ that run through the film, holding the load secure. Our research has shown that over 50% of pallet load damage is due to ineffective pallet wrapping. With the Omni VentX, you can eliminate all your risk and ensure that your pallets are secure.

VentX—Ventilated Stretch Wrap: Product Range

VentX—Omni Machine Ventilated Pallet Wrap
Code: 56.095
Dimension: 400mm x 1450m
Click here to view

VentX—Omni Machine Ventilated Pallet Wrap
Code: 56.096
Dimension: 400mm x 1260m
Type: For power pre-stretch

VentX—Omni Hand Ventilated Pallet Wrap
Code: 55.095
Dimension: 400mm x 500m
Click here to view

Check out this video of hand wrapping a pallet with breathable stretch wrap!

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