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How can buying a pallet wrapper be likened to buying a car?

Crap pallet wrapper
Omni Plana Pallet Wrapping Machine

Buying a pallet wrapper can be a difficult decision. There are large range of models, brands and features to choose from.

So how is buying a pallet wrapper like buy a car? As different as they sound, some of the factors considered are similar! Here’s an interesting comparison between buying a car and buying a pallet wrapper which will help you understand the process and choose the best available machine.

What is the fuel economy? / What is film efficiency?

A fuel-efficient car means you save money on petrol and reduce carbon emissions. This efficiency concept is similar to a pallet wrapping machine. The Omni Pallet Wrappers are the world’s most innovative, effective and sustainable machines on the market. Developed in conjunction with the Omni Stretch Wrap, we guarantee to reduce film usage by over 50%. As a result, significantly reduce stretch wrap costs and environmental impact.

Omni stretch wrap

How many kilometers do I get from a tank of fuel? / How many pallets can be wrapped with a roll of stretch film?

Similar to the previous analogy, vehicle owners monitor their fuel efficiency by how many kilometers they can drive with a tank of fuel. Have you ever calculated how many pallets you can wrap per roll of stretch film?

There has been a concentration on the raw roll cost rather than the length and yield of stretch film. Buying stretch wrap at a low cost per roll doesn’t mean it is more economical. Most know exactly what price they are paying per roll of stretch film but don’t know what it costs them to wrap each pallet. Our guarantee is to save you 20% on your pallet wrapping cost.

The Industry has been stagnant, stretch film was previously only available in 20 to 25 micron thickness with very low stretch yield and strength. Omni has developed Thinner, Stronger and Longer Stretch Films so you can wrap more pallets using less film. This is similar to getting more kilometers per tank of fuel. Why buying a pallet wrapper, it is important to factor in the long term savings through stretch film reduction.

stretch film

What is the gas emission? / What is the environmental impact?

The gas emissions produced by vehicles have been significantly reduced through innovative developments by car manufacturers. Similarly, the amount of stretch wrap required to secure a pallet load has dropped by over 50%. This has significantly reduced the environmental impact of wrapping pallets.

This stretch film reduction is unique to Omni’s award-winning pallet wrapping solution. The Omni Pallet Wrappers and Omni Stretch Wrap have been engineered together to minimise the required amount of stretch film to wrap a pallet while maintaining optimum load containment. Through cutting edge innovation, Omni has developed high-performance films with a superior stretch yield and puncture resistance to that of conventional films. These developments have created the most efficient and effective pallet wrapping method.


A hybrid car or a petrol car? / A power pre-stretch machine or a standard machine?

Buying a machine may seem like a luxury purchase, a want rather than a need. The truth is an Omni Pallet Wrapper will pay for itself in several through stretch film reduction.

The Omni Pallet Wrapper’s unique Power-Pre-stretch technology can increase the yield of stretch film to over 400%. This means a 2000m roll of stretch film can be increased to over 10000m in length. Therefore, one roll of Omni Stretch Film is equivalent to 6 rolls of conventional stretch film.

stretch film to over 400%

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