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Cardboard Mailing Tubes FAQs

What Are Cardboard Mailing Tubes?

As the name suggests, cardboard mailing tubes are cylindrical containers made of stiff fibre board. Spiral bound cardboard ribbons are fastened with adhesive to give shape to the tubes and add strength to it so that it can be used to mail various items. The diameter and length of the tube made to almost any required size.

The walls of postage tubes are made of a heavy duty cardboard. This makes cardboard tubes stronger and more protection than a regular cardboard box. Cardboard mailing tubes shields the items damage in case if dropped or subject to rough handling.

Mailing Tubes

What Are Cardboard Mailing Tubes Used For?

Cardboard mailing tubes are specially designed to ship items that are sensitive and fragile in nature. Some of the commonly shipped items are banners, photographs, maps, calendars, documents, posters, artworks, blueprints and similar articles. These cardboard tubes are also used for shipping medical supplies, chemicals, cosmetics, beverages and glass bottles.  Postage tubes come with a caps for each end of the tube which serves as a secure closure.

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Cardboard Mailing Tubes Sizes:

Omni’s wide range of cardboard tubes is highly durable and offers an economical shipping and storage solution for shipping. We can custom make postage tubes to almost any diameter and length so suit every clients requirements.

The regular sizes of postage tubes we are categorised into three groups;

Small Postage Tubes = 40mm tube diameter

Medium Postage Tubes = 50mm to 90mm tube diameter

Large Postage Tubes = 100mm to 154mm tube diameter

Mailing Tubes

Custom Made Cardboard Mailing Tubes:

Each of these postage tube widths can be custom made to almost any length required. Postage tubes come standard with red caps and white tube. Brown kraft paper tubes can be custom made if this colour is preferred over white cardboard. The caps or plugs for the ends of the cardboard tubes are available in white and black colours.

Minimum order quantities for custom made sizes is approximately 50 to 100 tubes. This quantity varies depending on the size of the tube. The Minimum order quantity for regular stock size postage tube is approximately one carton.

Mailing Tube


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