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Case Study – BevChain

Stretch Wrap Usage Reduction 10524 kg

Omni Reduce your stretch film usage

Stretch Wrap Annual Cost Saving


Omni Group can Reduce your film usage by 50%

Stretch Wrap Usage Reduction



BevChain operates from 25 distribution centres in 6 states, with a fleet of over 200 vehicles plus sub-contractors. Handling in excess of 2.5 billion serving units annually and calling on 25,000 delivery points, BevChain is the leader in beverage supply chain solutions.

As a specialist in the warehousing and distribution of alcoholic beverages, BevChain understands the demands placed on the liquor industry and its customers. Since BevChain’s inception, suppliers of beer, wine and spirits have all taken advantage of BevChain’s specialised services and our ability to tailor solutions to meet their needs.

The Problem:

Before Omni approached BevChain with the ‘Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’, they were unaware of how much money and plastic they were wasting with low-performance stretch wrap. There were also other problems they were aware of but couldn’t find a solution.

Key Problems:

  1. 191 grams of stretch wrap used to wrap each pallet
  2. 16,044kg of stretch wrap used per year
  3. Stretch wrap breakages causing downtime
  4. Pallet wrapping costs were high and increasing
The Challenge:

BevChain was severely overwrapping their pallets. When Omni approached them, significant stretch wrap savings became obvious. The challenge was to achieve maximum savings, they needed a new pallet wrapping machine. With pallet wrapping expenses already too high, this extra capital expenditure wasn’t allowed for.

Previous Pallet Wrapping Method

Stretch Wrap Usage = 16,040kg (Per Year)

The Solution:

The Omni Euro Cast Machine Stretch Wrap was the perfect solution to BevChain’s pallet wrapping problems. After conducting several load containment and stretch film usage tests, Omni Group was pleased to present huge environmental and financial savings as well as significantly increasing wrapping efficiencies.

Solution Summary
Stretch Wrap Usage = 16,040kg (Per Year)
  • Award-winning Euro Stretch Wrap
  • Roll changes reduced from 10.4 per day to 5.3
  • Stretch wrap reduction equivalent to 52 skip bins per year
  • Puncture force of stretch wrap increased by 300%
  • Stretch wrap cost reduced by $27,066/year
The Results:

The implementation of the Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution provides astounding financial and environmental benefits for GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens. A 69.6% stretch wrap reduction is equivalent to over 36.3 tonnes of film per year. This volume of stretch wrap would fill 182 skip bins every year. By increasing their stretch wrap efficiency GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens save over $79,200 per year.

Not only did they significantly reduce pallet wrapping costs and carbon footprint, they increased their warehouse efficiency. One roll of Omni Stretch Wrap can wrap 52 pallets which is double the amount of the conventional stretch wrap. Less roll changes means less pallet wrapping downtime.

“Omni Group’s philosophy is to exceed our clients’ expectations and to do more than they ask or think. Giving you what you want is our priority but exceeding what you even thought is our goal.”

Total Stretch Wrap Savings Per Year

$27, 066

Cost Saving on Stretch Wrap



Cost Saving on Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap Usage Reduction =


Usage Reduction

Stretch Wrap Usage Reduction =


Skip Bins

Stretch Wrap Usage Reduction=

52 Skip Bins

ELIMINATE Stretch Wrap Breakages and SAVE over 50%we guarantee


Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution

Award Winning Pallet Wrapping Machine

Our Omni Products have received multiple awards and certifications internationally as a result of the outstanding innovation and development of our packaging machinery and consumables.

APPMA 2015 Award
PIDA 2017 Award
L & MH Award 2018
PIDA Award 2020
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