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Advantages of Using Coloured Packaging Tape

Advantages of Using Coloured Packaging Tape

Using coloured packaging tape is overlooked method to colour code your products for identification and sorting. Used as an alternative to custom made labels, adhesive packing tape is a convenient and very economical solution.

Coloured Packaging Tape

Coloured Packaging Tape Used for Identification

Coloured Packaging Tape Used for Identification:

Coloured packaging tape is a great way to identify your boxes of products and to categorise them into groups. This is used to separate products for QA, stock take, quarantine purposes to ensure they don’t get mistaken for other loads.

Coloured Packaging Tape Used for Colour Coding

Coloured Packaging Tape Used for Colour Coding:

Colour coding is used widely in the food and medicine industry. This allows you to mark the packaging or item with a particular colour which reflects that nature of category of the product.

This enables items to be treated in the necessary way based on parameters such as fragility, storage temperature and shelf life. Coloured packing tape is used by butchers and restaurants to separate meat and non-vegetarian food. These types of food are often coded with a red colour. Vegetarian items are often marked with green and frozen food with blue. Colour-based segregation not only prevents cross-contamination, but also showcases professionalism and organisation.

Tamper Evident Colour Packaging Tape

Tamper Evident Colour Packaging Tape:

Use of coloured tapes helps in identifying whether a package has been tampered with. This ensuring the security of your load. If a carton is sealed with coloured packing tape and that box is cut open, it makes it easier to identify as it would have been resealed in another colour tape.

Branding with Colour Packaging Tape

Branding with Colour Packaging Tape:

Coloured packing tape is often used for branding. Businesses can you their company colour for sealing their cartons. Usage of a particular colour helps their products stand out and makes it easy for identification.

Custom Printed Packaging Tape is a great branding and marketing tool. Print your company logo and brand message to display on your products and packaging.

Types of Coloured Packaging Tape:

Packaging Tape Material:

Omni offers coloured tapes made of two different materials—PVC and polypropylene.

Both tapes come with strong adhesion and can be used for high volume packaging of items. Polypropylene or PP material packaging tapes are economical and can be used for sealing cartons, bundling and coding.

Coloured packaging tape in a PVC material is the premium grade. This packing tape is used for carton sealing applications and is stronger tape with more aggressive adhesive.

Packaging Tape Colours:

Packaging tape is available in a large range of colours. These include black, white, yellow, red, green orange and blue. This gives you the option of categorising your goods and taping them as per your requirement.

Coloured Packaging Tape

Coloured Packaging Tape Widths:

Coloured packaging tape is available in various widths to suit every application. The range of polypropylene packing tape is available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 mm widths. PVC packing tape is available in 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 mm width.

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