Custom Strapping

Omni Products manufacturers a large range of strapping and tying products to suit every application. As a common packaging necessity in every warehouse, our strapping products are guaranteed to provide quality solution.

Types of Omni Strapping:

  •  Poly Strapping: Hand Grade Poly Strapping is used for manual applications and comes in a dispenser box for convenience and ease of use. Machine grade Poly Strapping suitable to be used on a semi-automatic, auto and fully automatic strapping machine for larger and bulkier products
  • Polyester Strapping: Green Strapping often referred to as PET strapping is used for heavy duty applications and is a safer and easier to use alternative to Steel Strapping.
  • Polywoven Strapping: Poly Woven Strapping is designed to protect your employees and customer from injuries while providing maximum load containment strength. This high tensile material feel strapping is a popular alternative to steel strapping as it has no sharp edges and it does not spring back like steel.
  • Composite Strapping: Composite Strapping is a high tensile UV coated fibre that has tensile strength similar or higher to that of steel strapping and is designed to protect your employees from injuries while providing maximum load containment strength.
  • Steel Strapping: The Omni Steel Strapping used for heavy duty strapping application where a high break stain is required. Very commonly used in many warehouses and factories

Omni Products can provide the “Perfect Packaging Solution” by having the ability to custom make the exact strapping required for your application! Please enquire today!

Omni Strapping is Engineered to Perfection.

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