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Custom Printed Tape – The cheapest way to advertise your brand!

6 Reasons Why Use Custom Printed Tape

Custom Printed Packaging Tape is an excellent promotional and brand awareness method.

Buy Custom Printed Tape from only 2 cents per application! You can be assured of a quality result every time. Custom Packaging Tape is a very cost effective way of getting your message across. Printed Tape is not just for sealing cartons, it can many used for many other applications including:

– Logo and brand promotion
– Handling advice
– Labelling cautionary messages
– Contents identification
– Advertising other products or services
– Temperate of storage labelling

Omni Group is the leading manufacturer of Custom Printed Tape in Australia. With onsite tape printing facilities, we offer fast a turnaround printing service.

Custom Printed Tape Sample

Selection Guide to Custom Printed Tape

What colours can be printed on packaging tape?

We can print any PMS colour on custom packing tape. Send us your logo and we will provide mock-up artwork for your approval.

How many colours can be printed on packaging tape?

We can print up to 4 colours on custom printed packaging tape. Flood coat printed is also available

What are the available widths of custom printed tape?

Custom printed packaging tape can be made in various widths including 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 72mm and 96mm

What are the available grades of custom printed tape?

Custom printed tape is available in Polypropylene and PVC material.

Polypropylene: Standard
• A cost efficient alternative to printed (premium) vinyl tape
• Preferred by users with high volume usage
• Glossy finish in appearance with a quick tack adhesive
• Commonly, recognized by its crackling noise when pulled from the roll

PVC: Premium
• A heavy duty tape
• This is renowned for its adhesive components and resistance to abrasion
• This tape is a lot quieter in application to that of Polypropylene Tape
• Quick release when pulled from roll

What is the roll length of custom printed tape?

Custom printed tape can be made for hand and machine application. Hand rolls of printed tape are made in 66 or 100m lengths to fit on a handheld tape dispenser. Machine printed tape is made as 1000m rolls to suit an automatic carton sealing machine.

What our customers say…

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the custom tape that you have provided us! Your service was outstanding & the quality of the product is absolutely fantastic! We are very happy with the custom tape & it was delivered in such a short time due to your awesome turnaround times. Thank you very much!”

“Hello. I have to thank you at AAA Packaging Supplies again for following this product right through, I am sure the production quality will reflect the care and effort you give your company. I much look forward to seeing the custom printed tape you are printing for us.”

Did you know Omni Group can also print on Protection Tape? This is perfect for adhering to surfaces that need protection without leaving a residue. Please click here for more information!

Custom Printed Tape – Request a Quote & Free Sample!

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