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Mailing Bags & Courier Bags

Buy Custom Mailing Bags Wholesale! 

Mailing Bags are produced in a variety of types and grades to suit the posting of different items. Buy mailing bags wholesale from Omni Group and save! We can customize mailing bags and courier bags to any size and print. There are two types of Mailing Bags to choose from; Padded Mailing Bags are Non Padded Mailing Bags, often referred to as Courier Satchels or Postage Bags.

Types of Padded Mailing Bags – Bubble Padded Mailing Bags & Paper Padded Mailers (Jiffy): 

Bubble Padded Mailing Bags are available in two main types. Bubble padded mailing bags with a plastic outer lining and with a paper outer lining. These are commonly known as Kraft Bubble Padded Mailing Bags. All cushioned mailers are available with an adhesive self sealing strip for a secure closer of the postage bag.

Paper Padded Mailing Bags are often referred to as Jiffy Mailing Bags. These Jiffy Mailers are rugged, all-purpose, paper fiber cushioned bags. They are constructed from a heavy-duty kraft with a inner padding that provides excellent cushioning protection during postage.

Omni Bubble Padded Mailing Bags are engineered to be tough on the outside as well as providing protective cushioning on the inside. Our mailing bags are made with bubble wrap cushioning provide optimum protection during postage. These bubble padded mailers are also available laminated with a foil outer. The thermal qualities of Foil Padded Mailing Bags provides excellent insulation during transport. The perfect solution for posting. temperature-sensitive goods.

Types of Unpadded Mailing Bags –  Courier Bags, Utility Mailing Bags: 

Our range of Un-Padded Mailing Bags are available in two main types; Courier Satchels and Utility Mailing Bags. Courier Bags are a tough and economical postage satchel ideal for shipping of non fragile items. These mailing satchels are commonly used by online retailers for posting of items like clothing and shoe boxes. Courier bags can be customized to any size and with any print. These mailing bags are also available in plain white or a grey colour. The grey ‘Enviro’ courier bags are made from 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. Save money and the environment with environmental courier bags!

Utility Mailers are like a heavy duty cardboard envelope which is stiff and secure. Utility bags, commonly known as Jiffy Rigid Mailers, are used for posting of items like documents, signs and photos.

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