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Buy Wholesale Courier Bags and Mailing Satchels 

Our custom postage satchels are tough and economical essentials, ideal for shipping of non-fragile items. Commonly used by online retailers for posting items like clothing, soft goods, and shoe boxes, these essentials are light-weight, flexible, and will maintain their integrity during shipping and transportation.

Buy Courier Bags direct and save – Lowest prices guaranteed!

Available ready-to-purchase in white and grey, Omni Group can create a custom-printed satchel solution to best suit your brand and shipping needs. Tailored to any print, design, and size, level up your brand recognition and authority status (especially important for eCommerce stores where packaging may be your first client interaction), our in-house team can work with you to create a unique solution today.

Lower Your Environmental Impact with Recycled Courier Bags

Ready-to-purchase and good for the environment, our grey ‘Enviro’ courier bags are made from 100% recycled plastic. If lowering your environmental impact is important to you and your customers, be sure to contact our team to see how you can purchase directly to lower per-item costs and pass on the message of social impact to your community.

With many consumers now looking for eco-friendly retail packaging and carrying solutions, make sure you can accommodate requests for less packaging for the conscious consumer. Not quite ready to make all your shipping packaging recyclable? Let customers choose their choice of packaging at check-out and keep both standard and eco-friendly carrier bags on hand today. This can help you transition toward an eco-friendly solution in a sustainable and accessible way.

Personalised Courier Bags

If brand recognition and package marketing are important to your team, contact our in-house design team to request a quote for personalised courier bags and satchels. Unique to your brand and clientele, we can provide same-day printing services and send samples of your preferred design to make sure it fits your creative and shipping needs before purchase. Want to present your goods in a professional and cohesive way? Consider tailoring your shipping solution now – contact the Omni Group team today.

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