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What Is the Difference Between Duct Tape, Joining Tape and Gaffer Tape?

Duct tape , joining tape and gaffer tape are three products that are often confused. Various kinds of tapes are used across a number of industries. These three types of adhesive tapes sound similar but their properties and application make them different.

What is Duct Tape?

Also known as ‘duck tape’, duct tape is a heavy-duty tape made of PVC material. This tape has an aggressive rubber solvent pressure-sensitive adhesive, which makes it easy to apply to almost any surface. The adhesive used in this tape makes it ideal for using in cold and warm duct systems. The aggressive property of the adhesive on these tapes makes them a popular choice for holding and sealing items with a wide range of surfaces from plastic and ceramic to wood and glass.

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Duct Tape

Applications of Duct Tape:

Duct tape is used for various purposes and across a number of industries. Some of them are:

  • The plumbing and air conditionally use large volumes of duct tape for sealing and joining air ducts and PVC pipes. Being a water-resistant product, duct joining tape performs well for repair broken pipes.
  • Builders and painters use this tape for hanging and joining poly sheeting to cover walls and surfaces during construction and painting.
  • It is used by the concreting industry for joining plastic sheeting before concrete is poured. This is where the term ‘joining tape’ came from as it is used to join sheets together.

Duct Tape Duct Tape

History of Duct Tape:

Originally duct tape was plain strips of cloth made of cotton. It was used for protecting shoes and making them stronger, wrapping electrical conductors and steel cables to save them from wearing off due to corrosion.

This type of adhesive tape was widely used during World War II. Being water resistant, duct tape was used as sealing tape on ammunition cases. Later it was used by construction workers for holding ventilation ducts. The colour of these tapes was changed to silver to match the ducts they were used on.

Duct Tape

What Is the Difference Between Duct Tape and Joining Tape?

People often get confused between ‘duct’ and ‘joining’ tape. It is basically the same product used in different industries. This is why they are called different names. The name ‘joining tape’ came from the building and concreting industry as they used this tape to join poly sheeting together before concrete pour. The name ‘duct’ came from the air conditioning industry as it was used to seal and join air ducts.

Duct Tape

What Is the Difference Between Duct Tape and Gaffer Tape?

Duct and gaffer tape are often confused with each other. They are very different in their composition, adhesive properties and application. Duct joining tape is made of PVC material with rubber-based solvent adhesive. Gaffer tape is more like a cloth tape material. It has a pressure-sensitive tape made of heavy cotton cloth.

Gaffer Tape

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