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What is the difference between Filament Tape and Strapping Tape?

Filament tape and strapping tape are different types of adhesive tapes which are often used for similar bundling and strapping applications. There is often a confusion between what is strapping tape and what is filament tape because they are both commonly used for strapping purposes. To ensure you use the right product for your application, it is important you understand the differences between these two types of tapes.

While both have a common application, there is a difference in the way they are manufactured. Filament tape has fibreglass reinforcement woven into it making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.

What is Filament Tape?

Filament tape is a very high tensile tape used for heavy duty carton sealing and strapping applications. As the name suggests, there are filaments of fibreglass reinforcements on the adhesive backing of the tape. These woven strips on the tape are making it so strong and tear-resistant. It enables the tape to withstand intense pressure during the transit of loads and prevents it from elongating thus making it highly suitable for bundling purposes. This tape can be used for sealing boxes containing heavy and delicate products that need maximum support during shipping.

There are two different types of filament tape. One Way Filament Tape and Two Way Filament Tape.

Filament Tape Omni Blog

One way Filament Tape:

This tape is commonly referred to as single woven filament tape or one way tape. As the the suggests, One Way Filament Tape has fibreglass reinforcement in a single direction. Its high tensile strength makes it a popularly heavy-duty tape. One way filament tape is slightly cheaper than two-way tape but the disadvantage is the tape can be split lengthways as there aren’t reinforcements across this direction.

One way Two way Filament Tape Omni Blog

Two way Filament Tape:

This tape is commonly referred to as cross weaved filament tape or two way tape. As the suggests, Two Way Filament Tape has fibreglass reinforcement in both directions through the tape. Its high tensile strength makes it a popularly heavy-duty tape. The cost of two way filament tape is slightly more than one way tape but the advantage is the tape can not be split lengthways as there are reinforcements across both direction.

How to apply Filament Tape?

Filament tape is a very strong tape and hand tearing is impossible. Therefore the fastest and most effective method for this tape is with a filament tape dispenser. This ergonomically designed tape dispenser has a sharp blade to cut the tape once it has been applied.

Sizing Options of Filament Tape:
Both one way and two way filament tape are available in a range of widths from 12mm to 96mm. If any other widths rolls are required, we can custom slit this tape to suit your specific requirements.

How to Apply Filament Tape

What is Strapping Tape?

Strapping tape is a very high tensile strength tape with low non-residue adhesive. This tape is widely used as a simple and economic method of bundling and strapping items together. Though the tape is strong, it has low stack which makes it easy to remove without tearing or leaving behind any adhesive residue on the item. Strapping tape is often used as a temporary alternative to poly strapping.

This strapping tape is also used for wrapping around pallets as a temporary load securing method before stretch wrapping the pallet properly. Often the pallet load needs to be moved with a forklift to a pallet wrapping machine to be wrapped. This tape is ideal for securing the load before moving.

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How to apply Strapping Tape

Strapping tape is used for bundling goods to secure them during transportation. Apply this tape using a strapping tape dispenser to achieve best results. Robust, yet lightweight, this tool is simple and convenient in terms of application. You can carry it around and use it whenever necessary.

How to Apply Strapping Tape

Colours and sizing options of Strapping Tape

Available in clear and black colours, our strapping tape comes in 12, 18 and 24mm width options. Omni also offers custom slit options for these tapes in accordance with the preferences of customers.

Clear Strapping Tape – Omni 500
Black Strapping Tape – Omni 55

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