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From as little as 2 cents per carton per application Custom Printed Tape is the most effective way of getting your message across. Buy direct and save! With onsite tape printing facilities we offer a same day printing service. Our printed tape sizing ranges from 18mm to 96mm widths to suit different requirements. We also can make 100m and 1000m rolls lengths to suit hand and machine applications. We can custom print up to 3 colours on tape, also on several background colours.

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6 Reasons Why Use Custom Printed Tape

Custom Packaging Tape is a very cost effective way of getting your message across. Printed Packaging Tape is not just for sealing cartons, it can many used for many other applications and purposes

  • Logo and brand promotion
  • Handling advice
  • Labelling cautionary messages
  • Contents identification
  • Advertising other products or services
  • Temperate of storage labelling

Printed Tape - Selection Guide

Printed Tape Grades?

Custom printed tape is available in Polypropylene and PVC material

Polypropylene (PP) – Regular Grade:

  • A cost efficient alternative to PVC printed tape
  • Hot melt adhesive (Synthetic rubber adhesive)
  • Commonly used for general purpose carton sealing applications
  • When roll is unwound, PP makes more noise than PVC tape
  • Quick release when pulled from roll

PVC: Premium

  • PVC is a strong, heavy duty tape
  • Adheres better to a wide range of surfaces compared to PP which is best for general purpose carton sealing
  • Hot melt adhesive (Synthetic rubber adhesive)
  • PVC tape is lot quieter on application than PP
  • PVC tape is performs better for long term applications

Roll Lengths?

Custom printed tape can be made for hand and machine application. Hand rolls of printed tape are made in 66 or 100m lengths to fit on a hand held tape dispenser. Machine printed tape are made as 1000m rolls to suit an automatic carton sealing machine.

Printed Tape Widths?

Custom printed packaging tape can be made is various widths including 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 72mm and 96mm

Colour Prints?

• Print up to 3 colours on white or clear tape
• Print up to 3 colours on fluro orange and yellow tape = Plus 20%
• Flood coated/ reverse print = Plus 20%

Printed Tape Order Quantities?

The MOQ for custom printed tape is 2 cartons. From as little as 2 cents per carton per application, the price of custom printed tape is drastically reduce for larger quantity orders. Buy direct from the Australian custom tape manufacturer and save!

Quantities Per Carton:
18mm = 96 rolls per carton
24mm = 72 rolls per carton
36mm = 48 rolls per carton
48mm = 36 rolls per carton
72mm = 24 rolls per carton
96mm = 18 rolls per carton

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