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Do you want to eliminate stretch wrap breakages?

stretch wrap

Do you want to eliminate stretch wrap breakages?


Have you ever wrapping a pallet and the stretch film breaks? It’s very frustrating! We have the solution. Omni PerformX is an Unbreakable Reinforced Stretch Wrap

The Omni PerformX is the world’s most innovative, effective and sustainable pallet wrapping film. This stretch wrap has reinforcement’s strips; eliminating stretch film breakages, improving load containment and reducing film usage. Being lighter weight rolls, this stretch wrap is easier to hand apply and therefore reducing back strain.

Eliminate Stretch Wrap Breakages

With regular stretch film, any small puncture will tear through the entire width of the film causing wrapping downtime and film wastage. PerformX stretch wrap has fibre reinforcement strips through the film making the PerformX tear resistant, eliminating all breakages.

Stretch Wrap BreakagesStretch Wrap Breakages\

Increase Pallet Wrapping Efficiency

Stretch film breakages are common resulting in pallet wrapping downtime. Every time your stretch wrap breaks you have to re-attach the film the to the pallet load and start wrapping again. Have you ever calculated how much inefficiency costs your company? Save time and money with PerformX unbreakable stretch wrap.

Improve Pallet Load Containment

The load containment force of PerformX is up to 60% more than conventional film. The reinforcements in the film act like a rope around the pallet holding the load secure. This means fewer rotations are required to secure each pallet load, therefore, reducing stretch wrap usage.

allet-Load Tip Test

Reduce Stretch Wrap usage by Over 50%

The PerformX is guaranteed to use over 50% less film than a conventional stretch wrap. This reinforced film requires less wrapping rotations while significantly higher holding force. The industry had been stagnant and lacking innovation. To prevent film breakages, manufacturers produced thicker film rather than a smarter solution. Tonnes and tonnes of unnecessary plastic waste are used with old fashion wrapping methods.

Reduce Stretch Wrap usage by Over 50%

Prevent Damaged Rolls

If a regular roll of stretch film is dropped, the edges will be damaged causing the film to tear easily. With PerformX stretch wrap, you will never need to throw out rolls with damages edges again. The rounded corners on the PerformX eliminate this problem. As well as being unbreakable, this reinforced stretch wrap is also drop proof.

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