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Elite Glide® – Omni Hand Stretch Wrap Dispenser & Film

The Perfect Hand Pallet Wrapping Solution

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Transform the way you hand wrap your pallet load containment with a competitive advantage

The current practice of manually hand wrapping pallets is labour-intensive, time consuming and unsafe. Floor operators have to uncomfortably bend over to wrap loads, resulting in poor posture & poor visibility when walking backwards. Accidents can occur. Relieve the pain, physical labour & accidental injuries associated with the traditional ways of hand wrapping pallets. There is a better and safer way!

Introducing the perfect hand pallet wrapping solution that’s putting health & safety first at your workplace and best practices in meeting AU Guidelines for Manual Handling & Pallet Wrapping.

5 Reasons why it's the Perfect Hand Pallet Wrapping Solution

1. Smart Ergonomic Design

This ergonomic, one-hand operational dispenser is designed to be light-weight, durable and easy to use with little assistance. It has multiple grips, allowing roping & necking for extra load stability and is versatile for wrapping different types of pallet loads - tall, irregular, hard to reach corners and base.

2. Consistent Load Containment

Designed for tension control made effortlessly by the operator to perform a tight and secure load containment, ensuring a smooth & continuous workflow. Consistency in wrapping pallets remain throughout the day.

3. Secure Load-to-Pallet Bond

For most operators, it can be challenging to wrap the base due to abrasion, straining the back & tearing film under stress. The Elite Glide® has a base plate that acts as a safeguard, gliding along the surface which eliminates direct hand contact to the ground. Fewer awkward bends & less film breakages occur due to the reinforced stretch film at a high stretch yield (up to 300%). Without a proper load-to pallet bond, you risk the load sliding off its pallet during transportation.

4. Reduce Back Strain, Fatigue & Accidents

The current practice of wrapping pallets by hand results in poor posture, repetitive bending movements & poor visibility when walking backwards, this is unsafe. Gain a peripheral view by walking forward and gliding effortlessly with the Elite Glide®. Mitigate the risks associated with collisions, back/ musculoskeletal injuries, claims & compensation if an accident were to occur. This OHS risk if not removed can cost businesses thousands of dollars in the workplace.

5. Reduce Physical Labour, Time & Costs whilst helping the environment

Additional savings can be found in productivity, film usage, film costs and lowering your carbon footprint making it an economical and sustainable solution for end of line packaging.

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Plastic Usage & Cost Comparison

Regular Stretch Wrap vs.Omni’s Rolled Edge Elite Wrap


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2020 PIDA Special Commendation Award - Stretch Wrap

Thank you to The Australian Packaging Innovation & Design (PIDA) Awards in recognising Omni Group for Sustainable Packaging Design (Product Protection) with our PerformX Unbreakable Reinforced Stretch Wrap. A green initiative that’s economical & sustainable in reducing your plastic consumption, plastic waste & overall costs for the warehouse, logistics & supply chain sectors.

It’s organisations like the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) that help broaden the awareness of how tertiary packaging can play a vital role in meeting 2025 National Packaging Targets.


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