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What are Adhesive Glue Dots?

Glue Dots, as the name suggests, are drops of adhesive glue on a tape that can be used for applications such as sticking cardboard to paper, paper to paper, and paper to wood. It is a clean and safe solution for a range of industrial and hobby needs. Adhesive glue tapes provide instant sticking solution and are easy to use. The adhesive glue dots are available in a range of formulas, which are suitable for temporary, semi-permanent or permanent gluing needs.

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What are the Uses of Adhesive Glue Dots?

Adhesive glue dots are non-toxic, photo-safe and acid-free. Therefore, they are a safe alternative to hot-melt glue guns and liquid glues. Children of all age groups and ability can use these dots for craft and hobby activities at home or school. They leave much lesser odour and residue. In industrial applications, the mess-free nature of adhesive glue dots helps increase productivity and reduces costs. Since these glue points are non-permanent, you can remove them when needed.

Who Uses Adhesive Glue Dots?

Adhesive glue dots have applications in various industries such as packaging, printing, direct mailing and product assembly. The packaging industry uses it to put together packages for customer-centric application such as e-commerce. The printing industry uses glue dots to attach paper cards to envelopes or gift items. The direct mailing businesses use adhesive glue dot tapes to gently seal envelopes so that they can be easily opened by the receivers without causing any damage to the contents. Adhesive glue dots have a good scope in the product assembly industry as they can be easily removed without leaving behind any residue when used for temporary labelling on product packaging. Aside from these, glue dots find application in free sampling along with magazines and other promotional literature.

Features and Benefits of Glue Dots:

  • Faster application, as they can be applied very easily
  • Options of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent formulas
  • Instant adhesion, as they require no drying or curing time
  • Wide range of industrial applications, because they are mess-free and leave no residue
  • Child safe, as they are non-toxic, acid-free, and easy to apply and remove
  • Stick to a wide variety of surfaces


How to Apply Adhesive Glue Dots

The adhesive glue dots come in two strength levels: Low Tack & High Tack. The glue dots can be applied quickly and cleanly by using a tape dispenser. Unroll the tape from the ATG dispenser and press it against the intended surface. Then peel away the substrate tape. Now you can stick a paper or card or label to the glue dot. Since the adhesive glue dot binds both ways equally, you will have a semi-permanent bond both ways. It gives you a mess-free way of sticking things temporarily.

Why Glue Dots vs. Other Methods

Adhesive glue dots are a convenient option for many applications because they perform better than traditional methods, such as double-sided tapes, liquid glues and hot melt adhesives.

  • Unlike double-sided tapes, adhesive glue dots come in two different strength levels and provide an instant bond, with no residue left behind after you remove it. You can use the appropriate dot size and don’t have to resort to a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • Compared to liquid glues, the glue dots provide instant drying or curing. Since there is no excess squeeze out while using Glue Dots, you can achieve a cost reduction. Besides, adhesive glue dots preclude the possibility of damaging the underlying surface or product.
  • As against hot melt adhesives, adhesive glue dots provide a much faster application since there is no time needed for heating and drying. Also, they eliminate the mess associated with hot melt adhesives as well as chances of a burn injury.

What types of Glue Dots are available?

Code: 82.003
Size: 10mm Diameter
Qty: 1500/roll (Fits ATG Tape dispenser)
Adhesive: High Tack
Click HERE to view product page

Code: 82.005
Size: 10mm Diameter
Qty: 5000/roll (In dispenser box)
Adhesive: Low Tack
Click HERE to view product page

Code: 82.001
Size: 10mm Diameter
Qty: 5000/roll (In dispenser box)
Adhesive: High Tack
Click HERE to view product page

Code: 82.020
Size: 35mm X 5mm
Qty: 3000/roll (In dispenser box)
Adhesive: High Tack
Click HERE to view product page

Check Out this Video of a Glue Dots Application Machine!

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