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Differences Between Machine & Hand Packing Tape

The differences between machine and hand packing tape are often confused. The actual materials the tapes are made of is the same. The only difference is the length of the rolls. Hand packing tape is small rolls for hand applications. Machine tape rolls are large and used on an automatic carton sealing machine.

hand packing tape machine packing tape

Applications of Machine & Hand Packing Tape

Both types of packing tape are used for general purpose carton sealing applications. How the rolls of adhesive tape is applied is the main difference.

Hand Packing Tape:

These are small rolls of adhesive tape to suit a hand dispenser for manual carton sealing applications. Being smaller rolls, hand packaging tape allows flexibly being able to carry around the tape apply where ever required.

hand packing tape

Machine Packing Tape:

Perfect for high-volume applications, the tape rolls are longer than hand packaging tape. As the tape suggests, this tape is applied using an automatic carton sealing machine. As the carton runs through the conveyor, the tape rolls out and seals it securely. Machine tape is ideal for packaging high volumes of boxes with minimal labour required.

machine packing tape

Different Sizes of Machine & Hand Packaging Tape

Hand Packaging Tape Sizes:

Hand packaging tape is produced in 75m, 100m and 150m length rolls to fit a manual hand tape dispenser. These rolls are available in multiple widths to suit different applications. 48mm width is the most common size of packaging tape although 36mm and 72mm are used as well. To match each client’s specific requirements, we can also slit the tape rolls to any width depending on the usage.

hand packing tape

Machine Tape Sizes:

Machine packaging tape is generally available in 1000m length rolls to be dispensed on an automatic carton sealing machine. Omni offer 2000m long machine tape rolls. The advantage of longer rolls is it reduces the need to need to change rolls frequently.

machine packing tape

Machine and Hand Packaging Tape Adhesive Types

Packaging tape and machine tape are available in different adhesive types—Hybrid, Acrylic, Hot Melt and Natural Rubber. Using the right kind of adhesive tape based on your requirements is crucial to effective carton sealing. Each type of adhesive has been formulated to suit different surfaces, applications and temperature conditions.

Hybrid Adhesive Packing Tape:

Made with a blend of rubber solvent and acrylic, the Hybrid adhesion tape performs excellently in both cold and hot conditions ranging from -15°C to 60°C. The tape works best on plastic and cardboard boxes.

hybrid tape optm

Acrylic Adhesive Packing Tape:

Acrylic packaging tape is designed to perform best in low to mild temperature. It can be used for sealing items made of plastic, cardboard and paper.

hand packing tape

Hot Melt Adhesive Packing Tape:

Also known as synthetic rubber adhesive, Hot Melt adhesion tape comes with premium quality adhesion that can be used to pack items in freezers and cold storage rooms with temperatures of less than 15°C. The tape is best suited for application on cardboard and paper cartons.

hand packing tape

Natural Rubber Solvent Adhesive Packing Tape:

A premium adhesive, the tape has excellent bonding properties which makes it easy to use on any kind of surface. Its aggressive adhesion leads to the creation of a high-performance adhesive tape and with industry-wide usage and application.

hand packing tape

Custom Made Hand and Machine Packaging Tape Options

With local and overseas manufacturing plants, product customisation is Omni’s specialty. Omni printing facilities give them the unique ability to custom print on hand packaging tape and machine tape rolls.

Omni Printed Tape_Toll Tapecustom printed tape

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