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How much stretch wrap are you wasting per pallet?

Are you using more stretch wrap than you should? The Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution can reduce stretch film usage by over 50%.

Through cutting edge innovation, Omni has developed high-performance Stretch Wrap with a superior stretch yield and puncture resistance compared to conventional films. With our Omni ‘Thinner, Stronger and Longer’ Stretch, you can wrap more pallets with less film.

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Wasting Stretch Wrap = Wasting Money

Stretch Wrap Usage: The Misconception

A majority of consumers are unaware of how much money they are wasting with an inefficient pallet wrapping method. The common misconception is that thicker film is stronger because previously stretch film was only available in 20 to 25 microns thickness with very low stretch yield and strength.

Most know exactly what price they are paying per roll of stretch film but don’t know what the total cost is to wrap each pallet. Buying stretch wrap at a low cost per roll doesn’t mean it is more economical. There has been a concentration on the raw roll cost rather than the length and yield of stretch film.

Stretch Wrap Usage: The Solution

With Omni’s ‘Thinner, Stronger and Longer’ stretch wrap, you can wrap more with less.

It’s not only using a lower micron and stronger stretch film that reduces your pallet wrapping costs. The stretchability of the wrap makes a big impact on your film usage efficiently. A conventional 23 micron stretch wrap can only stretch to approximately 200% before breaking. The Omni Euro Stretch Wrap is a 15 micron film that can stretch to over 350%. The unique power pre-stretch unit on the Omni Pallet Wrappers is the key component to achieving this excellent stretch yield result.

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Wasting Stretch Wrap = Increasing Environmental Impact

Tons of unnecessary plastic waste accumulates each year due to the use of old-fashioned and inefficient pallet wrapping. By adopting the Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution, you are halving your stretch film usage and thereby halving your plastic waste, which means lesser environmental impact.

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Wasting Stretch Wrap = Increasing Plastic Disposal Costs

China’s crackdown on the import of plastic waste is increasing disposal costs for companies across Australia. The solution is to reduce the usage of stretch wrap by relying on more efficient wrapping methods. Halve you stretch film usage and halve your plastic disposal costs.

Case Study: Stretch Film Usage Reduced by 79.3% with Omni Pallet Wrapping

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Do you want ‘The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’?

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