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How to Inflate Dunnage Air Bags?

Dunnage air bags provide the most economical and effective method for bracing and blocking cargo while in transit. As compared to other methods such as using lumbar blockers or strap-downs, dunnage air bags provide many advantages because they are capable of filling all types of voids in-between cargo pallets. However, the bags must be inflated correctly for the best results…

Omni Dunnage Air Bags are made of Kraft paper with an inner layer of woven PP cloth for additional resilience and durability. The inside bladder is made of PA film, which enables quick inflation and deflation. An innovative inflation valve seals the bladder that can be inflated with an air-inflator gun.

How to Inflate Dunnage Air Bags

We have two types of tools to inflate dunnage air bags;

Dunnage Bag Air Inflator Gun Fast Fill Valve

The gun allows fast inflation of dunnage bags. It is easy to handle and has features such as ‘finger-free design’ and ‘air pressure adjustment’. The lock ring maintains a tight grip on the inflation valve for efficient inflation.

Inflate Dunnage Air Bags.1Inflate Dunnage Air Bags.2

1. Keep the ‘lock ring’ of the locking device at the head of the inflator in an upper position (view the correct position below).

Lock Ring

2. Aim the locking device of the inflator at the valve. Note that the pin in the middle of the locking device should stick to the column in the middle of the valve.

Inflator Locking DeviceInflator Locking Device.1Inflator Locking Device.2

3. Now hold the valve base from the back against the inflator. Avoid touching the valve’s sealing bottom or leave some space for it, then press the inflator against the valve in a swift motion. The ‘lock ring’ of the locking device will move down to lock the valve tight.

Inflator Valve BaseInflator Valve Base.1

4. Press the switch button on the air-inflator gun to start inflating.

air-inflator gunair-inflator gun.1

5. After inflation, pull the ‘lock ring’ to release the valve from the inflator.

6. Release the switch button to cut off the air supply.

7. Cover the dust cap on the valve, for added protection.

Dust Cap

Dunnage Bag Electric Air Pump with Fast Fill Valve

Dunnage Bag Electric Air Pump

Our fast-fill inflator is equipped to handle inflation of dunnage air bags for heavy-duty shipping applications. The inflator allows a large volume of air to flow through quickly and inflate your dunnage bags. Manufactured from durable material, using state-of-the-art technology, the inflator has a long life and trouble-free operation.

The Dunnage Bag Electric Air Pump is equipped with a flexible pipe so that it is easy to manoeuvre into place and position the bag properly before inflating it. The tool allows you to adjust the air pressure according to requirement.

Download PDF version of dunnage bag instructions:

29.110 – Dunnage Bag Air Inflator Gun Fast Fill Valve
29.111 – Dunnage Bag Electric Air Pump with Fast Fill Valve

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