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How To Improve Your Brand Appearance with Custom Mailing Bags

Custom Mailing Bags are a great way to improve your brand appearance. E-commerce businesses have an excellent opportunity to create a memorable first impression. As a business owner, one of your biggest challenges building your brand awareness and creating a professional appearance. Custom mailing bags is an under-utilized method of brand marketing.

custom mailing bagscustom mailing bags

Advantages of Using Custom Mailing Bags

  • Brand Awareness: Among the biggest advantages of brand packaging is that it creates brand awareness—something that is vital for the promotion of your business. The company’s name, colour, logo can be printed on the package contributes to brand identification and augments brand recognition.
  • First Impression: Leaving a good first impression on customers plays a major role in building a strong customer base for any business. One of the biggest advantages of branded packaging is that it leaves a positive first impression on the consumer and implants the brand name in the customer’s memory.
  • Communicates Company’s Message: Branding is all about creating an image of a company and communicating the same with potential customers. Brand packaging helps in conveying a variety of different messages to consumers. This includes brand message, promotional and discount offers, social media links and write a review request. These communications play a vital role in contributing to the recurring sale of the products.
  • Cost-Effective Promotion: Branded packaging and custom mailing bags are one of the most impactful and cost-effective means of promoting a brand. At a fraction of the cost of putting up a hoarding, you can simply reach out to your consumers in their homes with this highly targeted and inexpensive method

custom mailing bagscustom mailing bags

Types of Custom Mailing Bags

Omni offers a wide range of mailing bags of different sizes and textures that provide safe, secure and puncture-proof packaging for your products.

Kraft bubble custom mailing bags are all-purpose, rugged, paper, fibre-cushioned mailers manufactured using heavy-duty kraft paper and come with inner padding which provides cushion protection to the contents inside. These mailing bags are perfect for transport and are extensively used by retail stores, warehouses, etc.

custom mailing bag

Bubble padded custom mailing bags are premium quality one-sided mailing bags that are used for parcels. The bubble padding provides extra cushioning to the bags. This makes these bags ideal for shipping fragile items. Available in black and white colours, these bags are available in custom sizes and prints. These environment friendly, lightweight bags come with strong and durable flap and tape sealing. The bags are available in side-opening styles to suit items of various sizes.

custom mailing bagcustom mailing bag

Utility custom mailing bags have been designed for shipping important non-fragile articles that need protection such as certificates, documents, photographs and artworks. The heavy duty cardboard material used for making these mailers provides stiff,double wall protection which prevents the items inside from getting bent or folded. The double fold corners provide excellent security to the corners and edges of the documents. The mailer is widely used for shipping promotional materials, photographs, catalogues and several other items.

custom mailing bagcustom mailing bag

Custom printed Courier bags or Courier Satchels are economical mailer bags designed to ship non-fragile and pre-packed items. The bags are produced using tough plastic making them water, tear and puncture resistant. Its lightweight feature makes it a cost-effective option as it minimises shipping costs. Welded seams protect the bag from bursting and allow some amount of over stuffing. The bag is mainly used by online retailers, courier companies, law institutes, banks etc.

custom mailing bag

Other Custom Printed Packaging Products to Increase Your Brand Appearance

Custom mailing bags are one of the many products that we can custom print and make to the exacted required size. Product Customization is our specialty ensuring the ‘Perfect Packaging Solution’ can be tailored for each customer’s individual requirements. With local and overseas manufacturing plants, the options are endless.

Custom printed packaging will enhance your brand appearance! These products include:

Printed packaging tape
● Custom print message labels
● Printed shrink wrap
● Printed plastic bags
● Custom sizes and printed plastic tubing
Custom made printed plastic sheeting
● Printed tissue paper and wrapping paper
Custom sizes and printed boxes
● Printed bubble wrap and bubble tubing

Custom Mailing Bags

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