Reduce Costs by Increasing Warehouse Efficiency

Increase Warehouse Productivity with Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution
Efficiently is all about doing more with less. To improve the efficiency and safety of our warehouses while reducing the associated costs involved is a common goal for all managers. If you share this goal, we have the Perfect Solution.

What is the Problem?
Machines are cheap but people are expensive. Trying to increase productivity while reducing labour costs is one of biggest problems companies are facing today. This is why managers are always looking for alternative solutions to reduce labour intensive tasks by automating systems and avoid double handling.
• Labour costs have increase significantly and are continuing to rise
• A large portion of business expenses are on labour costs
• A pallet wrapping machine can half the labour spent to wrap a pallet

What is the Solution?
The Omni Pallet Wrappers are the Perfect Solution to increase warehouse productivity while reducing labour costs.
Although the labour costs continue to rise, it’s possible to implement lean principles that reduce running costs of your warehouse in ways you may have never imagined. The labour required to do the time consuming task of hand wrapping pallets can be automated with a machine, saving thousands of dollars per year on labour costs.
Automating these tedious tasks frees up valuable time, allowing staff to concentrate on more important jobs. To further increase efficiently, there are a range of extra machine features available that increase the level of automation allowing maximum productivity possible.

Pallet Wrapping Machine Features that will further Increase Efficiency
• Built in scales in the turntable allows you to weight the pallet while wrapping to avoid double handling
• Remote control to adjust settings while on forklift
• Automatic film cutter at the end of wrapping cycle
• Automatic film catcher at the end of cycle so next cycle can begin without attaching the film to the load
• Power pre-stretch allows maximum yield from film, stretching over 400%

Reduce Labour Costs with Machine Efficiency Features:

Based on $25/hr labour rate, 250 working days per year.