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8 Common Myths About Stretch Wrapping Pallets

Shipping pallets safely and efficiently from the warehouse to the customer can be a nightmare. Pallets that are not loaded and wrapped properly may topple and incur damage even before it reaches its destination. The best way to avoid such a situation is to ensure your pallets are wrapped securely with the correct load containment force.

While stretch wrapping is necessary across many industries for safe transportation of loads, there are several myths associated with them which prevent their wider usage. This is one reason why people still prefer using traditional modes of packaging despite a comparatively higher risk quotient. Here are 8 common myths associated with stretch wrapping pallets which are totally unfounded:

1. Thicker Stretch Wrap Means Stronger Stretch Wrap

One of the most common myths is that a thicker stretch wrap gives better protection. In reality, it is the usage of good quality stretch wrap which ensures better packaging. For instance, Omni stretch wrap which is manufactured using a special formulation of resins offering double the strength of a thicker stretch wrap.


2. Stretch Wrap Yield Can Go Up To a Maximum of 200%

While many believe that stretch wrap can only extend to a maximum of 200%, it is completely untrue. For instance, a single Omni pallet wrap roll can be stretched to a maximum of 400%. This can not only save 20% of your pallet wrapping costs but also reduces plastic disposal.

Stretch Wrap Usage 1

3. Hand Stretch Wrapping Is Cheaper Than Machine Stretch Wrapping

Contrary to the common perception, hand stretch wrapping pallets are in fact more expensive than getting a pallet wrapping machine. The manual method of wrapping exposes the worker to the risk of back injury and also hinders optimum utilization of stretch wrap. Buying a stretch wrapping machine is a one-time investment which brings down your labour costs and results in significant savings.

To avoid the capital expense of purchasing a pallet wrapping machine, we offer rental and Pay ‘Per Pallet Wrapped’ options. Learn more about our Pallet wrapping machine rental program.

4. Cheap Rolls of Stretch Wrap Will Save You Money

Purchasing a cheap rolls of stretch wrap might sound tempting, it may even seem like you are saving money, but it might end up costing you more. Cheap pallet stretch wrap breaks easily, fail to hold the load tightly, and is prone to losing its grip causing damage to your products.

Stretch Wrap Usage: The Solution

5. Pallet Wrapping Machines Are Un-affordable

One of the major reasons why people still use traditional means of wrapping is the myth that wrapping machines are expensive. Omni offers a wide range of pallet wrapping machines which are not only affordable but also guarantee significant cost saving and zero breakage of stretch wrap.

(To know more about the wide range of machines manufactured by us, click on this link). We also offer our customers other payment option and easy solution where they can rent a machine or opt for pay per pallet wrapped and in the long term, the machine will pay for itself.

6. If The Pallet Load Looks Secure, It’s OK

Looks can be deceiving and that is one of the major reasons why businesses end up with heavy losses and damage. When packing large goods consignments, it is important to ensure that the loading has been carried out properly. In this matter, it is wrong to go by the appearance of the loads and vital to carry out extensive tests and inspections.

Pallet Load Tip Test 2

7. It’s Impossible To Reduce Stretch Wrap Usage By Over 50%

People may believe that reducing the usage of the stretch wrap by 50% is impossible. It sounds too good to be true! Omni’s range of ‘Thinner, Stronger and Longer’ stretch wrap has made this a reality. With a stretch yields of up to 400%, it can significantly bring down the usage of stretch wrap and result in higher cost savings. One roll of Omni stretch wrap is equivalent to 6 rolls of ordinary stretch wrap, thus bringing down the usage and cost significantly.

8. All Pallet Wrapping Machines Have Similar Functions

Some people think that all pallet wrapping machine do is wrap pallets. Although all machine is used for this function, there are many other features available to significantly increase stretch wrapping efficiency. People need to look beyond the price tag of the pallet wrapper and calculate the long term efficiency and performance.

Omni offers a wide range of wrapping machines to suit different loads and pallet wrapping volumes. Contact the pallet wrapping experts today for a free consultation!

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