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2017 Employee of the Year Award


The 2017 Employee of the Year Award goes to Candice Considine and Emily Dharmaraj. A big thank you and congratulations to both!

2017 Winner

This award is given to staff that have consistently followed our company values, always with a happy, positive and willing attitude.

Our company values are:
• Integrity
• Trustability
• Accountability
• Quality
• Customer Satisfaction

This annual award to selected by key management to recognise a distinctive commitment to company values. The 2017 award was given to 2 staff, equal first place.

Providing the highest level of customer service is the key focus in this company so therefore reflects our team’s culture. Our business philosophy is to exceed our clients’ expectations and to do more than they ask or think – this is what makes the difference.

“Clients are our business not just today but next month and next year. Giving you what you want is our priority but exceeding what you even thought is our goal.”

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