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AAA Packaging Supplies- Now Part of the Omni Group

We are proud to announce our alliance with the Omni Group of companies which unites decades of experience and knowledge of the packaging industry, further strengthening our ability to provide the ‘Perfect Packaging Solution’ for every need across the industry.

The Omni Group is revolutionizing the packaging industry by engineering and manufacturing its Omni Products in our local and overseas manufacturing plants. Omni Group focuses on developing Perfect Packaging Solutions through world leading innovation to reducing the costs and environmental impact of its products. With over 25 years experience in the packaging industry, Omni Group is the industry leaders and innovators.

Omni Group of Companies unites decades of experience and knowledge of the packaging industry. The Omni Group is made up of three leading packaging companies; AAA Packaging Supplies, System-Pak and Securapak. Each of these divisions specialize in difference areas of the packaging industry to ensure that the Perfect Packaging Solution is provided for every requirement.

The Omni Group manufacturers a large range of packaging products distributed through each industry division. Our whole range of Omni Products to be engineered to perfection as a result of continual innovation and development. We have revolutionized the industry introducing quality packaging products that the world have seen. We are focused on doing our part to help save our environment. Our success has come from developing packaging products that significantly reduce environmental impact. Not only do Omni Products help save the environment, it also saves our clients’ money which has been a major contributor to business success. Omni Products are Engineered to Perfection.


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