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Omni Motus – Introducing The Perfect Mobile Pallet Wrapping Solution


Omni Motus – Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine

The Perfect Mobile Pallet Wrapping Solution! The Omni Motus, the world’s first mobile pallet wrapping machine, is the Perfect Solution for unloading containers of un-palletised and loose products. This pallet truck type stretch wrapping machine is battery operated with a large rotary arm to circle the pallet while applying the stretch film.

• Increase warehouse efficiency with automated wrapper
• Reduce your stretch film usage with a power pre stretch
• Save the environment by reducing your plastic usage
• Save labour costs of manual wrapping
• Prevent back injury from hand wrapping pallets

‘’The mobility machine is very handy, in that can be set up anywhere we have the room which helps with the incoming freight’’ Warehouse Manager – National Logistics Company

Motus 2   Motus 3 2

Omni Motus – Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine – Features: 

• Mobile Wrapper with Pallet Truck – This allows you to move the pallet wrapper to the ideal wrapping location. Ideal for unloading containers of un-palletised and loose products
• Automatic Programming – With 6 program settings, you can wrap your pallets to suit your specific needs. This ensures your pallet load is secure while maximising stretch film performance.
• Automatic Load Cell – This automatically detects the wrapping positon and height of the pallet to adjust wrapping cycle accordingly
• Battery Operated – Monitoring and warning message on the display when the battery is low
• Inbuilt Memory Technology – This allows you to calculate your usage of stretch wrap, a perfect tool for analysing your costing per pallet wrapped and for monitoring operator usage.

Optional Features: 

• Available with and without fork tines
• Photocell for wrapping dark pallet loads
• Battery kit
• Status light

Omni Motus – Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine – Specs: 

Wrapping Height-            2000mm
Height-                     2349mm
Width-                      970mm (2485mm when rotating)
Length-                     1846mm (3384mm when rotating)
Weight-                     1000kg
Power Supply-               240 Volt
Power Absorption-           0.8kW

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Do you want ‘The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’?

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