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Product Release – Omni Viper Blown Stretch Wrap

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Omni Viper Wrap – Revolutionizing Blown Stretch Wrap

Omni Viper Blown Stretch Wrap is the industry game changer of blown stretch films. This world first product is the Perfect Solution for those that prefer a tough and tacky blown film. With Viper blown stretch wrap you will reducing film usage by over 40%. Developed using high performance resins technology, allows this significant usage reduction being a Thinner, Stronger and Longer film.

This blown stretch wrap has never seen before in the market. Our Omni Viper Wrap is quickly becoming the most sought after blown stretch wrap replacing the conventional blown films which is more costly and heavier weight rolls. The molecule structure of blown film is criss-crossed so that when tensioned the molecule interlock. This gives this stretch wrap superior strength and puncture resistance. This new Omni Stretch Wrap is available in black and natural in hand and machine rolls.


Benefits of Omni Viper Blown Stretch Wrap:

Increase your stretch yield to over 250% – 250% stretch yield means an 1800m roll of stretch film can be increased to 6300m in length. This is equivalent to over 4 rolls of conventional stretch wrap

Save 20% on pallet wrapping costs – Increasing your stretch film efficiency will significantly reduce your film usage, therefore save you money on overall pallet wrapping costs

Reduce stretch film usage by 50% – Using Omni ‘Thinner, Stronger, Longer’ Stretch Film you can wrap more pallets using less film, halving your stretch wrap usage. Save the environment and save on plastic disposal costs by halving stretch film usage

Improve your pallet load containment – Over 50% of pallet load damage is due to ineffective pallet wrapping, costing companies millions per year. Don’t risk it, ensure your pallets are secure


Product Range – Omni Viper Blown Stretch Wrap:

The Omni Viper Wrap is available in black and clear film and in hand and machine rolls to suit every application.

Viper Blown Stretch Wrap – Black Hand Rolls: 

Viper Blown Stretch Wrap – Clear Hand Rolls:

Viper Blown Stretch Wrap – Black Machine Rolls:

Viper Blown Stretch Wrap – Clear Machine Rolls:

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