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Omni Group wins at WorldStar 2022 Global Packaging Awards

As leading specialists in pallet load containment and end of line packaging solutions, Omni has recently won the WorldStar 2022 Global Packaging Award for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Packaging Materials and Components, and Transit categories with our Worldwide Patented VentX Unico – Ventilated Pallet Wrapping Solution.

The VentX Unico is the world’s most sustainable, effective, and innovative ventilated pallet wrapping solution. The product was developed as a high-performance stretch film, engineered to be thinner, longer, and stronger than other conventional ventilated stretch films on the market.

“This is a high achievement for the Omni Group family as we are always striving for innovation and plastic reduction with our integrated solutions. We ensure safety remains at the forefront of all new concepts. To win such an internationally recognized award brings us great honour. As a family-owned Australian business, we were pleased to see Australia and New Zealand nominated for 27 awards,” Omni Group Managing Director, Tim Salisbury.

This versatile design enhances load containment while allowing air to flow freely through the pallet, making it ideal for pallets loaded with fresh produce to prolong and protect perishables.

“We responded to our farmers and supermarkets’ request for a stretch film that would reduce plastic usage and costs while allowing the load to breathe and regulate temperate control in chill rooms and in transport. We managed to bring a solution that would reduce plastic usage by over 50%,” Omni Group Managing Director, Tim Salisbury.

Founded in 1992, Omni Group is a family-owned Australian business renowned for award-winning and industry-leading packaging supplies and solutions. Having become relied on naturally as the leading industrial packaging supplier in Australia with an unparalleled commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.
Offering a wide range of adhesives, packaging tapes, mailing bags, strapping tools, Omni’s pallet wrapping machines, and pallet stretch wrap has received multiple PIDA, APPMA, and Mercury awards for innovation and sustainability across the globe.
Responding promptly to industry requirements by resolving them. Customers rely on Omni as the industry experts, for great service and quality products that promote the reduction of plastic usage.

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