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Orbital Wrapping Machine: Selection Guide

Orbital Wrapping Machine: Selection Guide

An Orbital Wrapping machine is also known as Horizontal Wrapping Machine. These machines have a flat conveyor table feeding into a round opening. Here a roll of stretch film rotates around the product on the turntable to wrap the item.

Orbital stretch wrapping machines are ideal for wrapping items that are long items that are difficult to wrap manually. These machines are commonly used for wrapping and protecting products like doors, pipes, tubes, carpet rolls and rods.

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How to Select the Right Type of Orbital Wrapping Machine

When selecting an Orbital Wrapping Machine, its important to take the time to ensure you get one that will suit the products sizes and wrapping volumes. Here are some important factors to consider before purchasing an orbital wrapping machine:

What is the daily wrapping volume?

Before choosing a orbital wrapping machine, you need to determine the wrapping volume. Don’t only consider your current volumes. Also, estimate what your future volumes may be to ensure your machines will still cope with an increase. Orbital wrapping machines are available in automatic or semi-automatic model with different futures.

What are the dimensions of the product?

Orbital wrapping machines have been designed to accommodate various sizes of items. Not every orbital wrapper will be able to wrap any size products. The item must be able to fit through the film rotating hole.

Orbital Wrapping Machine Sizing guide:

The guide below will help you select the right machine in accordance with the load size:


Benefits of Using an Orbital Wrapping Machine

There are many advantages of using an Orbital Wrapping Machine compared to manually wrapping your products. This is the reason these machines are commonly found in warehouses and manufacturing plants. Some of the benefits of using an orbital wrapping machine include:

Greater productivity – Increase your warehouse efficiency and output with automated orbital wrapping systems.

Cost savings – Time = Money. An Orbital Wrapping Machine can pay off its self to labour cost reduction.

Enhanced safety – Especially when items are heavy, it can be very difficult to manually wrap products. Items need to be lifted and rotated to wrap which can cause safety hazards.

Consistent application – Ensure your products are wrapping professionally and consistently

Load integrity – If your items aren’t wrapped securely products can be loose in transit. This can result in product damage or potentially causing a safety hazard.

Types of Orbital Wrapping Machines

Omni offers a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic orbital wrapping machines to suit different product sizes, types and volume requirements:

Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machines:

50 Plus – Orbital Stretch Wrapper Automatic
90 Plus – Orbital Stretch Wrapper Automatic
125 Plus – Orbital Stretch Wrapper Automatic
160 Plus – Orbital Stretch Wrapper Automatic
200 Plus – Orbital Stretch Wrapper Automatic

Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machines:

50 – Orbital Stretch Wrapper Semi-Automatic
90 – Orbital Stretch Wrapper Semi-Automatic
125 – Orbital Stretch Wrapper Semi-Automatic
160 – Orbital Stretch Wrapper Semi-Automatic
200 – Orbital Stretch Wrapper Semi-Automatic

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