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Frustrated by Packing Tape that doesn’t stick?

Have you ever tried to tape up a box and the packing tape doesn’t stick?

Is packing tape not adhering properly? It’s often not a problem with the tape. The common issue is that the packing tape isn’t suitable for that surface or application.

There are many different environments packing tape is used in every day. These environments can range from hot and dusty warehouses to cold and wet cool rooms. Understandably, there isn’t one type of tape that has superior performance in all of these environments. There is a large range of packaging tape to different for applications, surfaces and conditions.

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Here are some of the causes of why your packing tape isn’t sticking to your cartons:

– Highly recycled cardboard cartons.
– Apply hot melt adhesive packing tape in cold environments.
– Apply hot melt adhesive packing tape to plastic surfaces.
– Storing cartons sealed with acrylic packing tape in hot environments.
– Overpacked carton.

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Omni Products has developed a variety of premium adhesive tapes to suit a range of applications, surfaces and conditions. Our packaging tapes and machine tapes are available in four main adhesives types: Hybrid, Acrylic, Hot Melt Rubber and Natural Rubber. Each adhesion type has been developed to suit different applications, surfaces and conditions. Using to right Packaging Tape is the key to effective carton sealing.

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Packaging Tape – Hybrid Adhesive

Hybrid packaging tape has a blend of acrylic and rubber solvent. It has an aggressive and fast-bonding adhesion that is suitable for a variety of surfaces including cardboard and plastic. This high-performance packing tape is temperature-resistant and can be applied in hot and cold environments, ranging from -15°C to 60°C.

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Packing Tape – Acrylic Adhesive

This tape has good adhesion performance when applied to plastic, paper and cardboard items. Packaging tape with an acrylic adhesive is suitable to be applied and stored at low temperatures. The Omni Packing Tape range is available in three grades depending upon thickness: 30, 40 and 60 um. The tape can be provided in a wide range of widths depending on customer specifications. Acrylic packing tape won’t perform well if applying to highly recycled cartons.

  • Regular Grade – PLP30: This is an economical, general-purpose carton sealing tape, ideal for temporary sealing applications
  • Heavy-Duty Grade  – PLP40: This has a thick 40 micron adhesive liner which gives instant bind, and is the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications
  • Extra Heavy Duty Grade – PLP60: With a 60 micron adhesive liner, it is the thickest packaging tape on the market. It is the best choice for very heavy duty applications.
Packing Tape Acrylic Adhesive Omni Blog

Packing Tape – Hot Melt Adhesive

Hot melt rubber adhesive tape has premium adhesion qualities and can be applied to paper and cardboard cartons. Hot melt packing tape performs best when applied in mild to warm environments. Therefore this tape is not suitable for applying in freezers or cold storage rooms that operate under 15 degrees. The hot melt rubber adhesive is also known as synthetic rubber packing tape.

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Packing Tape – Natural Rubber Adhesive

Omni Packaging Tape and Machine Tape with a natural rubber solvent adhesive have excellent and lasting adhesion. This high-grade sticky tape is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces and temperatures. It performs well in a range of temperatures, from cool rooms to heat, and is UV tolerant. Natural rubber is the most common adhesive of packaging tapes. This is because of its high performing characteristics on a large variety of surfaces.

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What is the difference between hand packaging tape and machine packaging tape?

Hand Packaging Tape:
Hand Packaging Tape is commonly applied with a pistol grip tape dispenser. These hand-applied tapes are used for general purpose and carton-sealing applications. Tapes are available in 75m, 100m and 150m length rolls to suit different applications. For each client’s specific requirements, we have the capability to slit the packing tape rolls to the exact desired width.

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Machine Packaging Tape:
Machine Packing Tape is automatically dispensed with a machine. It is used for high-volume applications and is the most efficient carton-sealing tape. It is manufactured in the form of extra-long rolls that are applied on the cartons through a conveyor belt mechanism. Omni Machine Tape is available in 1000m and 2000m rolls and in acrylic, hot-melt rubber and natural rubber adhesives. Our 2000m rolls are very popular with several clients, as longer rolls mean less roll changes and lesser packing downtime.

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