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Omni Machine Pallet Stretch Wrap – 50% Plastic Reduction Guaranteed

Omni has developed an award wining range of the most efficient and effective pallet stretch films to suit every type of load. These have been engineered to significantly reduce plastic usage and pallet wrapping costs.

Tonnes and tonnes of unnecessary plastic waste gets consumed due to inefficient pallet wrapping methods. Discover how much plastic are you wasting, contact us today for a free consultation!

• Reduce Your Stretch Wrap Usage by 50%
• Save Pallet Wrapping Cost by 20%
• Eliminate Your Stretch Wrap Breakages
• Increase Stretch Wrap Yield to 400%
• Save the Environment by halving plastic usage
• Reduce load damage through improve containment

Finding the right type of pallet wrapping film is essential for any business that is storing or shipping products.

You want your plastic wrap to be strong and durable, but affordable at the same time. Omni Group offers this perfect balance with our range of stretch wraps that are specifically designed with superior puncture-resistance.

Our packaging films are a cost-effective solution designed to reduce industrial pallet wrap usage by 50% compared to conventional films. This provides substantial cost-savings and reduced waste.

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The Complete Range of Hand & Machine Stretch Pallet Wrap

Leading the Omni Group product line is our award-winning film that eliminates breakage with a design that’s ‘thinner, stronger and longer’. Created with cutting-edge resin technology, our experts worked to blueprint an option that contained lighter micron film, whilst improving strength & durability.

We are now able to offer a high-performance film that surpasses traditional yield quantities and offers superior puncture-resistance. Whether you are shipping long-haul or just moving pallets in your warehouse, we understand the importance of ensuring a quality process is in place.

Unsecure pallet loads can lead to product wastage that will mean even more costs and the potential for unsatisfied customers who receive damaged goods. Our stretch wrap prevents all those scenarios from happening, so you can transport your palletised products with confidence.

Pallet & Stretch Wrap – The Full Range:

Are you looking for a more cost-effective, durable solution to contain your cargo? Check out these solutions, engineered by our leading Omni Group team for superior quality and affordability.

Roll sizes:

Hand rolls, Machine rolls


Clear, Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Custom Printed


Cast, Blown, Pre-Stretched, Reinforced, Ventilated


Thinner, Stronger, Longer Grade & Conventional Grade

Which Plastic Wrap Do You Need?

With products suited for manual and machine application now available across the market, do you know which solution would best suit your team and cargo needs? Let’s look at the varied uses:

  • Manual/ Hand Designs: Used for manual application to contain and protect the load. Well suited for low volume application.
  • Machine Purposes: Longer than hand wrap rolls with a wider core to fit machines. Machine stretch films are well suited for high volume applications and offer excellent wrapping
  • Ventilated Designs: Well suited to cargo loads that could be damaged by climate, humidity, or mould. An excellent solution for fresh produce and the agriculture industry, the ventilated film is also suited for products that need air to flow freely to prevent condensation.

With over 30 years’ experience as a market leader in packaging solutions, our in-house team is sure to find you an economical and reliable palletising solution to keep your cargo safe and on the go. Feel free to reach out to our team to request a trial of our leading range.

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