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Hand Pallet Wrap & Stretch Wrap

Halve plastic usage and reduce pallet wrapping costs by over 50% with Omni Stretch Wrap. Request a free trial today and discover how much you could save!

The Complete Range of Hand Pallet Wrap

Hand Pallet Wrap is used for manual stretch wrapping of pallets to contain and protect the load. This stretch wrap is produced cast and blown film. This stretch wrap is available in many types and colours including clear, black, red, green, white, blue and yellow. 

Check out Video to see Omni’s Unbreakable Stretch Wrap in action!

Hand Pallet Wrap & Stretch Wrap Range:

Omni Masterwrap:

developed as an alternative to cast conventional films with great cost & film savings. Available in 20um, 23um, 25um strengths. Most popular of all stretch films.

Omni Viper Stretch Wrap:

a tough heavy duty blown film for a secure load containment while reducing film by at least 40%

Omni Elite Stretch Wrap:

"thinner, longer, stronger" stretch film with a special formulation to stretch over 300% with great puncture resistance, saving on costs and film.

Omni Dynamic Stretch Wrap:

Pre-stretch film used to reduce the need to pull extra tension whilst applying the stretch film as it has been already stretched.

Omni Conventional Cast Stretch Wrap:

regular cast stretch film available in 20um, 23um, & 25um.

Omni Conventional Blown Stretch Wrap:

regular blown stretch film for those that want a tougher and tackier stretch film than cast film. Used when pallets are heavy and an irregular shape with sharp sides.

Omni Coloured Stretch Wrap:

coloured stretch wrap used to make your pallets stand out, reduce heat damage and ensures your pallets aren't tampered with. Colours available are red, blue, green, yellow, white and black.

Contact us for advise on what type of Hand Stretch Wrap is best suited for your application! 

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