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Pallet Wrapping Machine Rental


To avoid the capital outlay of purchasing a pallet wrapping machine, we offer many alternative payment options to further assist with your packaging needs. These alternative payment options include rental, lease, loan, consignment and Pay ‘Per Pallet Wrapped’ options.

Our machine loan solution doesn’t just apply to our Pallet Wrapping Machines. We also offer this to Poly Strapping Machines, Carton Sealing Machines, Heat Shrink Machines, Air Pouch Machines and Orbital Wrapping Machines


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Free Pallet Wrapping Machine Deal

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Our Free Pallet Wrapping Machine Deal offer is unique to the industry. We will give you a pallet wrapping machine free based on supply of our award winning stretch wrap. Reduce your labour costs and save 50% stretch wrap usage with a free pallet wrapping machine.


Rent a Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Our Pallet Wrapper Rental Program allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of having a machine while avoiding the capital outlay of purchasing the machine. From only $249/month, our pallet wrapping machines are made affordable enough for everyone. Compared to hand wrapping pallets, we guaranteed a machine will reduce stretch film usage and labour costs.

Short Term Pallet Wrapping Machines Rental – The minimum rental period for our pallet wrapping machines is 4 weeks. From only $150 per week plus delivery, set up and return costs. Contact us for more information!


Pay 'Per Pallet Wrapped '

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Our ‘Pay Per Pallet Wrapped’ Program means we give you the machine and the stretch film and you only pay for each pallet you wrap at the end of each month. With in-build programs, our pallet wrappers count the amount of pallets wrapped, rotations, wrapping height and tension. As well as avoiding the capital outlay of purchasing machinery, this program allows you know to easy control and budget for wrapping costs.


Want to never run out of stock again?


Consignment Stock

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Our ‘Consignment Stock’ Program is designed for maximum convenience for our clients. How this works is we give our clients the stock and invoice them only for the quantity used that month. This means you will always have enough stock without tying up cash with paid stock sitting in your warehouse.


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Pallet Wrapping Machine Award Winner

Our Omni Pallet Wrapping Machine have received multiple awards and certifications internationally as a result of the outstanding innovation and development of our packaging machinery and consumables.

APPMA 2015 Award
PIDA 2017 Award
L & MH Award 2018
PIDA Award 2020

Pallet Wrapping Machines You Can Rely On!

Reduce costs, prevent downtime and improve reliability with Omni’s Machinery Service Solution!

  • It’s free - No fee to join our machine service membership
  • Receive an extra 3 months free warranty when you join our membership
  • ​All members receive a 20% discount on all machine parts and receive fixed service rates
  • ​Same day or 24 hour call our times for breakdowns
  • Regular pro-active machine services prevent breakdowns
  • T&C’s apply based on exclusive purchase of Omni’ films
10 year warranty and free service membership

Case Studies


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Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution:

Stretch Wrap Usage
Reduced by



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Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution:

Stretch Wrap Usage
Reduced by

182 Skip Bins


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Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution:

Stretch Wrap Usage
Reduced by



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