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The Perfect Machine Service Solution


Reduce costs, prevent downtime and improve reliability with Omni’s Machinery Service Solution!

The Omni service team will monitor your machinery to determine when services are required. On average a machine needs to be serviced 3 to 4 times per year. This varies depending on the type of machine and the usage.​

  • It’s free – No fee to join our machine service membership
  • Receive an extra 3 months free warranty when you join our membership
  • All members receive a 20% discount on all machine parts and receive fixed service rates
  • Same day or 24 hour call our times for breakdowns
  • Regular pro-active machine services prevent breakdowns

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Machine Service Solution 3 Reasons Why


Reduce Cost

  • All members receive a 20% discount on parts
  • It’s FREE – No fee to join our machine service membership
  • Fixed service rates during your membership
  • Preventative maintenance will reduce the overall service costs
  • Receive an extra 3 months FREE warranty when you join our service membership*

Eliminate Downtime

  • Have peace of mind! Leave it to us to monitor your machinery to ensure it maintained and regularly serviced
  • Prevent machine breakdown with pro-active machine checks
  • Machine breakdowns cause production downtime and increase operational costs

Improve Reliability

  • With our service solution, we will respond promptly to ensure your needs are resolved effectively.
  • Service priorities are given to clients on maintenance agreements
  • Extensive network of service technicians across Australia
  • Improves equipment performance and extends working life

Pallet Wrapping Machines You Can Rely On!


With national wide service, you will have… Not a Problem!


Machine Service Request Form

Click here to download Machine Service Request Form

If outside our terms and conditions of warranty, the below charges will apply.


Re-Active Serving, Repairs & Breakdowns

Breakdown Call-Out Fee: $135.00
Travel*: $110.00/hour
Labour onsite: $110.00/hour
Non-Omni Machines
Travel*: $110.00/hour
Labour onsite: $110.00/hour

(*From Omni Offices to site & return – if our technician is closer in proximity on the day it may be cheaper)

Pro-Active Serving(Flat rate plus parts)

Machine Type Service Cost
SuperPlus, Plana $250
Cresco, Tiro, Base $350

Pallet Wrapping Machine - Award Winner

Our Omni Products have received multiple awards and certifications internationally as a result of the outstanding innovation and development of our packaging machinery and consumables.

APPMA 2015 Award
PIDA 2017 Award
L & MH Award 2018
PIDA Award 2020

Packaging Machinery Complete Range

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