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Custom Presentation Packaging

Omni Group offers an extensive range of custom presentation packaging designed to secure and protect items where appearance is of the utmost importance. From florist cellophane solutions to gift-wrapping shredded film and natural timber solutions, our team is sure to find a customised solution that highlights the quality of your goods and brand.

Wholesale Paper Packaging

Is presentation one of the most important aspects of your delivery? Knowing that florists, lifestyle goods, retail, and perishable items can all be packaged and delivered into show-stopping arrangements, Omni Group provides the following solutions to help put your best foot forward.

  • Cellophane – florist rolls, shredded cellophane, and natural shredded timber cellophane
  • A4 Copy Paper and Bundled Newsprint to create your own unique style
  • Tissue paper for protecting fragile items and minimising movement during transportation 

Australian Owned Packaging Provider

Instead of relying on an overseas supplier of your paper and presentation products risking shipping delays and long delivery times, consider sourcing your items from Omni Group. As a leading Australian manufacturer and creator of packaging solutions for over 25 years, our team works to understand the unique needs of our clients to find them the perfect solution.

With an innovative engineering team focused on quality, durability, and affordability during the design process, Omni Group’s range is reliable and can be catered to meet every budget. If you’re considering customised solutions, touch base with our in-house team to create a packaging and shipping solution that can boost your brand recognition making you a key player in the field.

From wholesale paper products to adhesive, non-adhesive, and fastening solutions, Omni Group is sure to have an economical solution for your shipping process. Ready to streamline and level up your packing and delivery? Get in touch with our team today.

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