The Perfect Pallet Identification Solution

The Omni Coloured Stretch Wrap range is known as the ‘Perfect Pallet Identification Solution’ providing limitless opportunities to the transport and distribution industry, being the answer to distinguishing palletised products. Available in blown and cast film, in hand and machine rolls and in a variety of gauges and colours, the options and uses are endless.

5 Reasons Why Use Coloured Stretch Wrap

Pallet Identification

Available in red, blue, green and yellow, our range of translucent coloured stretch films are the perfect solution to pallet identification. Some of the ideal uses are colour coding pallets for QA, stock take, quarantine purposes to ensure they don’t get mistaken for other loads. Colour coding of pallets can also be ideal for distribution categorising

Product Isolation

Coloured Stretch Wrap makes it clear and simple to separate and identify pallet loads. This can be used to isolate products for QA, returns etc. to ensure these products doesn’t get mixed with other pallet loads

Brand/Company Recognition

Wrap your pallets in your company colour for brand recognition and to make your loads stand out

Security & Privacy

Black and white opaque stretch film is used for security and privacy purposes so the contents of the pallet load isn’t visible

Reduce Heat Damage

White stretch film is also ideal for wrapping temperature sensitive pallet loads as the white film doesn’t attract the heat

Security PrivacyCorporate-ColourPallet-Identificationtemperature

Omni Coloured Stretch Wrap_Red

Red Stretch Wrap

Omni Coloured Stretch Wrap_Blue

Blue Stretch Wrap

Omni Coloured Stretch Wrap_Yellow

Yellow Stretch Wrap

Omni Coloured Stretch Wrap_Green

Green Stretch Wrap

Omni Coloured Stretch Wrap_Black

Black Stretch Wrap

Omni Coloured Stretch Wrap_White

White Stretch Wrap

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