The Perfect Void Fill Solution

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The Omni Air Pouch System is the Perfect Void Fill Solution; increasing packing productivity, reducing shipping costs and increasing customer satisfaction. These Air Pillows as a no-mess alternative to loose fill, hold goods securely in place without the ‘shift’ that often occurs with other types of void fill. These pillows are produced in biodegradable and recycled material making it a very environmental friendly void fill solution.

Operating at speeds of over 15 meters per minute in semi-or fully-automatic modes, the Omni Air Pouch Machines create continuous strips of air pillows that are ideal for all protective packing applications. This Air Pouch Film comes compact and z folded in a carton ready to be inflated by the machine creating continuous strips air pillows that are ideal for void fill application.

6 Reasons Why Use Air Pouch Void Fill

On Demand Pillows

Provides air pillows on demand for fast, easy packing in semi- or fully-automatic modes


Tabletop system produces air pillows at speeds over 55 feet per minute.

All Electric

All-electric design does not require compressed air to operate.

Reduce Costs

Better air retention and improved yield reduce cost per cubic foot.


Dust-free air pillows reduce product loss and are cleaner to use than EPS peanuts and paper

Lower Shipping Costs

Variety of pillow sizes allows the optimization of space within shipping boxes

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Custom Inline Void Fill Solutions

Increase your packaging efficiency and perfect your packaging effectiveness with ‘The Perfect Void Fill Solution’. Developing customised packaging solutions to each client’s specific requirements is our speciality.

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