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Selecting the Perfect Pallet Wrapping Machine

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The Experts Guide to Selecting the Perfect Pallet Wrapping Machine

Selecting the Perfect Pallet Wrapping Machine can be a difficult decision.  There is a large range of models, brands and features to choose from. It’s the pallet wrapping experts you need to talk to ensure you make the right decision.

Manufactured in Italy, the Omni Pallet Wrapping Machines are internationally awarded and recognized as “the most innovative pallet wrapper of the last decade”. Buying a machine may seem like a luxury purchase, a want rather than a need. The truth is, an Omni Pallet Wrapper will pay for itself through savings in stretch film reduction and increase efficiently.

These questions will help you determine what pallet wrapper would suit your requirements:

1. How many pallets do you wrap per day?

Current and projected production levels are very important in helping to determine the appropriate machine. Different pallet wrapping machines offer different top end revolutions per minute. Revolutions per minute and total wraps required per load will factor the maximum production levels of a machine.

2. What are the largest pallet dimensions to be wrapped?

It is important to purchase a pallet wrapper to accommodate the largest pallet being wrapped. This will require a length, width, and height measurement. Tall pallets may require an extended mast machine, while wider and longer pallets may require a larger base. Pallet wrapper machines have different weight capacities. The weight of pallet loads also determines what type of pallet wrapping machine you require.

3. Does each pallet need to be weighed?

Built-in scales in the turntable of a Pallet Wrapper allow you to weigh the pallet while wrapping to avoid double handling. Choosing a pallet wrapping machine with a scale is much more affordable than choosing to add a scale after the machine is received. Determining weighing needs prior to purchase is important for any company to consider. Other questions that should be considered should be the maximum weight needed for the scale and if a printed weight receipt required?

4. Do you want a pre-stretch head to reduce stretch film usage? 

Power Pre-stretch refers to the process of stretching the film before it is applied to a pallet load. Stretch yields to over 400% can be achieved with the Omni Pallet Wrappers. This means a 2000m roll of stretch wrap can increase to over 10000 meters in length. We strongly recommend purchasing a machine with a pre-stretched head to save on film costs. The only time we suggest the use of a machine without a pre-stretched head is if only a pre-stretched film will be used on the machine.


5. What type of environment will the machine be placed in?

The external environment around the machine can affect performance. Machines placed in cold room storage can often require different lubricants. Machines placed in areas of high dust can sometimes require additional covers and protection. High humidity can require more frequent maintenance. Be sure to identify the type of environment before selecting a pallet wrapping machine.

6. Do you load the pallet onto the turntable with a pallet truck or forklift?

If you load your pallets on the turntable with a pallet truck, the award winning Plana Pallet Wrapper is your perfect solution. This machine has the world’s lowest turntable, only 18mm high. The Plana has 270° access ring to the turntable allowing pallet truck loading to be strain free. This 20cm wide access ring has space saving advantages as well, eliminating the need to have 3m long steep inclined ramps on standard pallet wrappers. If you load your pallets on the turntable with a forklift, our regular pallet wrapping machines with an 86mm high turntable will suit.


7. What machine features do you need to maximize wrapping efficiency?

There is a range of extra machine features available to increase the level of automation, allowing maximum productivity possible. Automating tedious tasks frees up valuable time, allowing staff to concentrate on more important jobs.

The ‘Cut and Wield’ feature is unique to the Superplus machines. The film is automatically applied to the pallet at the beginning of the cycle. At the end of the wrapping cycle, the film is cut and heat sealed. This eliminates the need to manually attach and cut the film. The automatic stretch film ‘Cut and Wield’ feature almost halves wrapping time.

The Omni Pallet Wrappers are available with a remote control feature. This allows you to operate the pallet wrapping machine without the need to leave the forklift. As well as being an excellent time saving tool, it’s also a safety feature. Many warehouse incidents occur getting on and off forklifts


8. What colour of stretch film will be used?

It is important to determine if the film being used will be clear or coloured. It is also important to determine if the products being wrapped are black or clear. These factors will determine the type of photo-eye needed for the pallet wrapper. Dark coloured products and clear products can often throw off a standard photo-eye. Some wrappers may need a black photo-eye or a laser sensor to properly wrap loads.

I hope this guide to ‘Selecting the Perfect Pallet Wrapping Machine’ was helpful. Please contact our pallet wrapping experts for further assistance.

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