Double Sided Tape – The Complete Range: 

Omni Products has developed an extensive range of specialty Double Sided Tapes to suitable every requirement.

This premium Omni Product range has been engineered to perfection, to ensure our double sided tapes are guaranteed to perform for the appropriate applications. With custom slit to width option available we tailor product to each client’s specifics requirement. Click here to find out more about out our custom tape sizes.

Our range of Double Sided Adhesive Tapes include…

• Double Sided Cloth Tape
• Double Sided Tissue Tape
• Double Sided ATG Transfer Tape
• Double Sided Exhibition/ Cloth Tape
• Double Sided Polyester Tape
• Double Sided Body Mounting Tape
• Double Sided HTP Acrylic Tape
• Double Sided Finger Lift Acrylic Tape
• Double Sided Foam Tape

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