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Bubble Wrap Rolls

bubble wrap
bubble wrap types
Omni Products offers a large of protective products to prevent damage of items during transport and storage. These include bubble wrap, foam wrap, protective felt and plastic materials all purposed to protect a different items and surfaces from harm.
Omni Protective Packaging – Engineered to Perfection

Our general purpose bubble wrap is a economical and effective material used to wrap, cover and protect products and surfaces from damage. These rolls can be custom slit to any width and perforated to any length for extra convenience.
Omni Bubble Wrap – Engineered to Perfection
• 10 and 20mm bubble sizes
• Custom slit and perforations
• Colour tint and printed option (MOQ apply)
• Grades available in standard, double and heavy duty
• Small rolls in dispenser box available

• Used to cushion between products during transportation, postage and storage
• Cover surfaces from dust and damage
• Used by majority of warehouses and offices

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