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Air Pouch Void Fill Solution

The Omni Air Pouch pillows are the Perfect Void Fill Solution; increasing packing productivity, reducing shipping costs and increasing customer satisfaction. For those that prefer not rent a machine to inflate the pillows, the Air Pouch Handy Pak’s are your perfect solution. These are pre-inflated air pillows in 400 litre bags – geared for convenience. Omni Air Pillows as a no-mess alternative to lose fill, hold goods securely in place without the ‘shift’ that often occurs with other types of void fill. These pillows are produced in bio de gradable and recycled material making it a very environmental friendly void fill solution.

– Weight : 16kg
– Dimensions : L52 x W22 x H36cm
– Electrical : 240V

User Benefits
– All-electric design does not require compressed air
– Compact and lightweight for portability
– Operator-friendly controls for easy set-up and operation
– Knife less design eliminates primary wear item
– Adjustable air volume and run timer
– Reliable equipment requires minimal maintenance

– Custom engineered solutions for unique packing
station requirements are available
– Machine Stand – Storage Hoppers
– Product Level Sensors – Dispenser Attachments
– Footswitch

Air Pouch Void Fill Solution

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