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Air Pouch Void Fill Solution

Available for free rental, these machines are the perfect void fill solution. operating at speeds of over 15 meters per minute in semi-or fully-automatic modes, the air pouch machines create continuous strips of air pillows that are ideal for all protective packing and void fill applications. Omni air pillow machine – Engineered to Perfection


Air Pillow Machine – : Features
• Free Machine Rental Option Available
• Efficiently packing method – inflating 15 meters per minute
• Light weight bags reducing shipping costs
• Air pillows are a no-mess alternative to loose fill increasing customer satisfaction

Air Pillow Machine – Applications:
• Perfection solution where space in an issue – Compact void fill can be inflated just prior to packing
• Used by large volume mail houses, online ordering distribution, general warehouse


The Perfect Void Fill Solution

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