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Omni Vertex X25 Pallet Wrapper 542x644
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Automatic Inline Pallet Wrapping Machine – Vertex X25

The Omni Vertex X25 Pallet Wrapping Machine is fully automatic with a rotating arm. This pallet wrapper is the perfect solution for high volume non-stop operations. This rotating arm pallet wrapper can be integrated into automatic conveyor production lines and is ideal for wrapping unstable pallet loads. Operating at 25 rotations per minute, the Vertex X25 has the capacity to wrap up to 65 pallets per hour.

This almost operator-less pallet wrapping system is the key to increasing warehouse efficiency and reducing labour costs. We custom make pallet wrapping machines to suit each production lines of individual specifications. There are endless features and customized options including weighing systems, barcode readers, acoustic and light alerts. True to its name, these pallet wrappers are ‘Fully Automatic’

Pallets Wrapped Per Hour: 55 to 65
Rotations Per Minute: 25

Increase Stretch yield to 400%Increase Stretch yield to 400%

Save the environment by halving plastic usageReduce Stretch film usage by 50%

Save your wrapping costs by 20Save Wrapping costs by 20%

Prevent back injury from hand wrapping palletsPrevent Back injury from hand wrapping pallets

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  • Rotating Arm Wrapper: The rotating arm style wrappers are ideal for high volume wrapping lines and also for heavy or unstable pallet loads.
  • Power Pre Stretch Unit: With the ability to stretch film to over 400%, this feature is unique to the Omni Pallet Wrappers. To further increase wrapping speed, the Vertex has a ‘Double Pre-Stretch’ system.
  • Automatic Film Attach & Cut Off: This eliminates the need to manually attach and cut the film, therefore preventing unwanted film tails. The film is automatically applied to the pallet at the beginning of the cycle and then is cut and heat sealed at the end.
  • Film Roping System: At the end of the wrapping cycle, the film is pulled down to form a thin rope which locks the load to the pallet, improving load stability.
  • Remote Control*: This allows you to operate the machine from your forklift to further increase wrapping efficiency.
  • Automatic Tension Settings: A load cell that detects the corners of the pallet and releases the film tension to prevent crushed corners. This ensures your pallet load is secure while maximising stretch film performance.
  • Rack & Pinion Shaft: This is an unbreakable and safe mechanical system making it the most reliable and high performing machines on the market.
  • Neck Down System: The term ‘neckdown’ refers to the width reduction of the film after being stretched. The neckdown is usually higher when the film is pre-stretched but our unique rubber rollers grip and lines system has been designed to prevent the film from reducing its width while being pre-stretched therefore increase stretch yield over 400%.
  • Automatic Programming: With 32 program settings, you can wrap your pallets to suit your specific needs. This ensures your pallet load is secure while maximising stretch film performance.
  • Inbuilt Memory Technology: This allows you to calculate your usage of stretch wrap, a perfect tool for analysing your costing per pallet wrapped and for monitoring operator usage.
  • Control Panel Lock: This gives you the ability to have a password protected control panel so there isn’t interference to the machine settings.



  • Automatic cycle for film hooking, pallet wrapping, film cold cutting and lm hot sealing.
  • Air device to blow up the film tail.
  • Power pre-stretch carriage.
  • Electronic printed circuit board.
  • Frequency controller for carriage speed adjustment.
  • Frequency controller for turntable speed adjustment.
  • Loading plate ø 2000 mm.
  • Maximum height of pallet: 2400 mm.
  • Maximum size of the pallet: 1200 mm x 1200 mm.
  • Maximum loading weight: 2500 kg.
  • Photocell for pallet height detection.
  • Safety stop at the base of the carriage.
  • 3 working ways: semi manual, semi automatic, fixed height.
  • 3 password levels (including lock password).
  • Adjustable parameters by the control panel without password: cycle selection, bottom laps, top laps, topsheet cycle parameters, rotation speed, carriage ascent speed, carriage descent speed, film tension, starting wrapping height.
  • 3 working cycles: ascent/descent; topsheet; layers.
  • Storage of 32 end user programs.
  • Stop at 0 position.
  • Power board IP54.
  • Strengthening operation.
  • Acoustic warning at the cycle beginning and stop.
  • Auto diagnostic.
  • Wrapped pallet counter.
  • Receiver for infrared/radio remote control.
  • Braked turntable at the end of the cycle.
  • Powder coating.




Height: 3445mm
Width: 3630mm
Length: 3951mm
Machine Weight: 1500kg
Power Supply: 400 VAC 3PH+N VAC 3PH+N
Power Absorption: 5kW
Max rotation speed: 25 RMP
Pallet per hour (Max): 55 (65)


Extra Options

  • Pre Stretch up to 420%.
  • Power pre-stretch with auto cut-off system.
  • Double prestretch system – wrap pallets double as quick.
  • Mechanical system to brake roll containers.
  • Barcode readers – wrap pallets based upon barcodes.
  • 2 years warranty : subject to service agreement.
  • Roping system.
  • Remote control.
  • Photocell for dark loads.
  • Safety fences.
  • Auto roll change.
  • Anti static rollers.
  • Scales in Conveyor Table.



Award Winning Pallet Wrapping Machine

Our Omni Products have received multiple awards and certifications internationally as a result of the outstanding innovation and development of our packaging machinery and consumables.



award badge 2015 appma latest op
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PIDA Award 2020

Do you want ‘The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’?

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